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by:QY Precision      2019-09-19
International challenges for women (IWEC)
The prize took a proud place at her table. J.
Mohanasundari, general manager of Sharp electrode Pvt Co. , Ltd. and Kayjay Sharp Trendys are among 26 successful female entrepreneurs worldwide.
She remembers the special feeling when she won the award in Peru, South Africa.
\"This is an opportunity to showcase India\'s strength on a global platform,\" she said.
While most women entrepreneurs from other countries specialize in the food industry, I went up to receive awards for making pumps and welding electrodes, an engineering industry often associated with men.
Her company produces the whole, diving, open
Water wells and centrifugal pumps for homes, hospitals and hotels used in the domestic market, as well as welding electrodes and dry flux powder, mainly sold to the Gulf region of Australia, USAS. , U. K. And Australia.
After the death of her husband K, Mohanasundari took over the company as general manager.
Jaganathan, 2005
She focuses on reducing costs, saving energy and improving overall efficiency.
The asbestos roof allows natural light to come in at a transparent roof, thus avoiding the use of light.
The industrial turbine ventilator is powered by solar and wind energy. The electric-
Replaced the burning oven with gasfired ones.
Nevertheless, her EB penalty for excessive use of electricity reached lakh.
Just then, she introduced a \"variable speed drive\" for the motor \".
\"I visited a unit in Ghaziabad, studied the speed drive and installed it in our unit.
It created a miracle.
\"Waste is reduced and quality is greatly improved,\" she said . \".
The existing manufacturing units have been upgraded to achieve twice the quality and quantity.
This ensures the cost of the producteffective.
She invested heavily in upgrading and said the return was satisfactory.
\"By paying the fine, we got the incentive from EB,\" she said . \".
Packaging is another department of concern to Mohanasundari.
\"Packaging is especially important for our export market customers.
We replaced manual labor with a stretch packing machine.
It improves the quality, adds beauty and reduces the cost.
I invest in any latest technology to improve product quality.
What brings us new customers is our satisfied customers, \"she said, as an industry leader, her journey was crumbling at the beginning.
\"All of a sudden, I have this huge responsibility.
When I accompanied my husband to work and attend international exhibitions and visit manufacturing units abroad, I had a considerable understanding of the work in the industry.
Export orders are not easy to get when I take over because they are not sure if a woman can deliver on time.
But until today, I have fulfilled every promise.
Trust keeps our orders flowing.
We follow the cash and business model.
Threats were made in some places, and some of them tried to cheat.
When the life of my employees is threatened, I put on a brave face and move on.
\"They are my family,\" she said simply . \".
Quality is preferred.
She has been receiving awards from the Engineering Export Promotion Commission.
Both of her companies have passed ISO certification. The 120-
Mohanasundari says a strong workforce is her advantage.
She set aside two hours at dawn for Asana, stretching and pranayama, and prayed at 8 to start her day. 20 a. m.
With her staff.
\"Anyone can meet me.
We had lunch together in the canteen.
I choose the menu every day.
The happiness of employees is the most important thing for me.
More than 70 of her workforce are women.
She said, \"My husband always told me that women have to play a fair amount of flexibility in tying flowers and making murukkus.
The winding coil in the motor unit is not much different.
It is his vision to encourage women;
I have achieved it.
\"Her advice to the upcoming female entrepreneur is to stick to it and never give up.
\"Risk is involved in any business --taking.
Don\'t look for immediate results.
The important thing is always \"we\", not \"I \".
Mohanasundari said: \"This is a satisfactory journey.
\"When I attended international exhibitions in Turkey, Trinidad, Toronto, Dubai and Malaysia, women there were excited to ask me, \'Are you making this product? \'?
My husband is using this.
I am proud of this feedback.
When I take over, I want to make sure there will never be \"no work \".
I already promised.
\"In the CNC machine operation industry, women are responsible for supervising the manufacture of stainless steel shafts, rotors and aluminum bodies . . . . . . This is an important part of the motor.
\"It takes only a few minutes for the CNC machine to complete a task and ensure accuracy and quality,\" she said . \".
In the finishing phase, a \"thermal overload protection device\" was added to protect the coil from power fluctuations.
Mohanasundari remembers visiting a unit in the United States. S.
Work with her husband to see how the product works.
Her husband replaced the sheet metal body of the motor with aluminum and introduced brass
Based on parts such as forged brass impeller and forged brass impeller . . . . . . All of this is to improve the life of the overall pump.
ScholarshipMohanasundari has set up the shargaratan education award and scholarship in schools and colleges to support the education of the poor.
She is also responsible for the education of the children of the employees.
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