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Looking for Shenzhen CNC machining--Can't just look at the price

by:QY Precision      2020-02-04
Some people do not understand CNC precision machining to evaluate the quality of CNC parts processing, when choosing Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers too concerned about the price. The quotation for CNC parts processing is actually a trap for laymen. That is to say, the problem of a little more money often ignores the quality of CNC parts processing. I will feel that it is also a CNC machining manufacturer in Shenzhen. The things that are done are definitely the same, so which one is lower than the price. This understanding is completely wrong and is a layman in CNC precision machining industry. There is competition in the CNC parts processing market, and the price will be high and low. Some small companies will rely on their own CNC lathe processing equipment, low processing costs, and do not hesitate to take orders at all low prices, after receiving the order, we did not pay attention to the customer's quality problems, which affected the reputation of the entire CNC precision machining industry. Recently, we met a case that the customer told me: Mr. Li is a CNC parts processing enterprise. A very important project notified many suppliers of quotations. He wanted to save costs for the company and chose CNC parts processing enterprises with lower prices to cooperate. He didn't go to this small factory to understand the situation. Later, he realized that they were completely incapable of processing high-precision parts. They also received orders without telling him clearly. The delivery date was not only delayed, the quality is also not recognized. Mr. Li not only wasted the opportunity to show samples to his customers, but also lost the company's costs, wasted so many people's efforts, and let the company lose a customer. After eating this loss, I realized that good goods are definitely not cheap. After contacting our Shenzhen CNC machining factory, we also recognized it after visiting the factory. The order was transferred to us. Since then, there has been no problem with the quality. Up to now, mr. Li and we also maintain close cooperation.
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