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london design festival preview: from tropical forests to epicurean delights

by:QY Precision      2019-09-01
15 years is a long time in design.
Since the London Design Festival first put its red umbrella on the city\'s various creative bubbles and events as its annual showcashin 2002, the world has grown beyond the imagination of many of us.
We saw a digital revolution.
Smartphones were barely invented at the time, and Apple still made a lot
Color desktop computer
Rise and rise (
Zombie Apocalypse)
The advent of social media, millennials, virtual reality, shared economy and artificial intelligence. . .
We \'ve shifted our attention from things to experiences, and it wouldn\'t have happened if it wasn\'t on Instagram.
While all these developments mean that we no longer have to go through the World technically, or even leave our desks to see what\'s going on-just check the correct labels and be shipped --
This is not good enough for exhibitors.
They work harder than ever to make their installations and products worth the experience in person, and as such, the festival has evolved from a series of static furniture exhibitions to a series of dramatic and dynamic events.
From the colorful inflatable Villa Walala architectural landscape at Broadgate Exchange Square to the Flynn Talbot reflection room light show at V & A, we are more immersed than ever.
But this is not only a big and bold show worth visiting in person, but there are also some smaller and more boutique restaurants that are worth a visit.
Mayfair\'s Mazzoleni Gallery is holding the maverick Milan duo Dimore Gallery, which he transformed into fiveroom apartment. Mise-en-
Scenes that can only be seen through a series of bronze
The portholes of the frame reveal a series of life
In the rooms that showcase modern art, in addition to gorgeous vintage and modern furniture, there are abandoned card games, take-out cups, fag butt and more.
Emphasis on the modern and post-Italian
War art, the Dimore Gallery has taken full control of the gallery\'s amazing archives so that visitors can drink on a level by level, all in the Delmore delicious trademark palette. 5-
27 Albemarle Street, London, September 24, W1S; mazzoleniart.
ComUniversal Design Studio worked with the Office team to build a repeat Pavilion in Shoreditch.
Batten wood structure open to elements for 10-metre-
Long tables designed to hold seminars and presentations to release the brain through calm, repetitive activities such as manual and meditation exercises.
The idea is that while it takes focus to complete a particular task at hand, some neuroscientists think it is a non-
Give us the most creative ideas.
The pavilion is designed to attract visitors in this state: is this through pom-
Make pom with Donna Wilson, breathe with Chris Connors, or think about beauty with Alan Moore.
Black and White, 74 raventon Street, London, EC2Deep is located in the tropical forest at 103 New Bond Street, and Christie\'s and Andrés zigerfried are showing two Anton Alvares and Jonathan Teret
Their sculpture and furniture landscape is specially made for this space, set in dense leaves, obtained from the nature of the equatorial climate and some of the cultural influences of this vast and vibrant area
Alvarez and Trayte join different materials such as wood, steel, wire, concrete, marble and so on, known for creating unconventional beautiful effects using new technologies. 13-
On September 22, Christie\'s Mayfair, 103 New Bond Street, London; christies.
Next, Christopher Jenner went to the tablet area in Sheffield, where he was inspired to create a range of functional components that fit the needs of modern consumers.
The result is the Epicurean series produced in collaboration with the British traditional silverware brand E & Co.
Through geometric and minimalist design, these pieces
From butter plates to bread knives.
Combine Classic silversmith technology with modern technologies such as laserCutting and CNC.
Jenner will present the collections through a series of special events hosted by Mayfair retailer Thomas good, and display menus tailored by Studio appetit.
Public tasting for 25 people
Six Fridays from the 22nd (eventbrite. co. uk).
From noon on September 18 to six o\'clock P. M. on Friday, September 22, atThomas Goode & Co, 19 South Audley Street, London; christopher-jenner.
The exhibition of new works by Fredrikson Stallard will be very special.
12 years since Pioneer
Garde k Fredrikson and Ian Stallard started their cooperation first, and they have achieved great success on the international stage.
Exploring the human movement and subconscious thinking, as well as the responsiveness of materials and processes, this work celebrates the moment of freedom at which instinct and body postures are allowed to be given priority in the production process.
The new work includes the Antarctic collection-a striking ice cube made of acrylic and a coffee table, as well as marble --
Like a translucent snowflake torch lamp.
Intuitive gestures start on the 12 th
September 18 at David Gill Gallery, 2-
4 King Street London Design Festival starts on the 16 th
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