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lexus design award announces lisa marks as grand prix winner

by:QY Precision      2019-08-31
Today, Lexus is named U at the Super studio in Milan. S. -
Designer Lisa is the winner of 2019 Lexus design awards.
She was chosen as an algorithm lace.
Innovative project in response to this year\'s theme \"design for a better tomorrow-which uses 3-
D. printing technology combined with manual elements to create customization-
Make a lace bra for breast cancer survivors undergoing mastectomy.
\"I have done a lot of projects to look at how computing and manual interaction,\" the designer explained . \".
\"Here, I use computers to design things, do things that computers are good at doing, and I use manual to do things that computers can\'t do.
To make a bra, Marks scanned a woman\'s body, copied her unique shape with a CNC machine, and then created a pattern of mathematical derivation using a computer program.
Then, mark uses seamless, three.
Stereo lace
Techniques that have been popular in Belgium, Croatia and Italy
It turns out that this is easy in the scar tissue of the survivors and can only be performed by hand.
Mark is the seventh winner of the Lexus Design Award, which was founded in 2013 to support the next generation of design thinkers.
From thousands of applicants, judge Sir David Ajaye, Paula Antonelli, John Maeda, yoshihiro Sawa selected six finalists, they got a budget of $25,000 to develop their ideas and show them on Salone del Mobile in Milan. In the lead-
They received guidance from industry giants, including Sebastian Wrong, Jessica rosenclantz, Shohei higerson and Jaime Hahn.
\"When we met in New York, she said something that really bothered me: \'You can\'t pay for confidence, \'\" Mark recalled in his speech.
\"She is a teacher like me and she has a very clear idea of herself.
\"Although her design does not necessarily apply to everyday use (
While it gives the illusion of proportion, under the shirt the woman\'s chest still looks uneven)
\"The choice of these women is basically a mastectomy bra and an external prosthesis,\" she explains, said Mark.
\"If you wear clothes every day and wear clothes that don\'t suit you, that\'s not for you, it can really boost your confidence.
This is the build behind.
Very strange to lace
It will take nearly two days to make a bra, which means that these bras will never be cheap.
But she made a good point: \"It won\'t cost much more than the La Perla suit.
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