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learn how to secure a fax machine

by:QY Precision      2019-10-27
A traditional fax machine connecting analog phones (CO)
Transfer the fax image from one location to another.
Although there was an era when fax machines were revolutionary technology, these devices are now commonplace and seem to be out of date.
Still, companies and individuals still use these devices a lot, and they don\'t know that they will usually be completely unsafe.
It\'s time to pay attention to fax security.
Image source: wiki sharing/CyberSkullWhat makes traditional fax machines unsafe?
There are two main ways traditional fax machines are not safe.
First, they are vulnerable.
This means that the fax machine is usually located in a barrier-free location in the workplace and accessible to almost anyone.
Outbound faxes can include sensitive business documents or other inappropriate materials that may be the responsibility of the company.
Therefore, it seems in the interests of most businesses to know how to protect fax machines.
Even if the fax machine stores a copy of each Fax, this information is often reviewed too late after damage.
The fax machine is very convenient to use.
Even if the fax machine is connected to a telephone system that requires an account code, this code usually has only two or three digits and is easily guessed.
This means that although extreme security measures have been taken on the local network to prevent unauthorized use, in reality anyone can use a fax machine to send information out of the workplace.
Inbound fax is a security issue.
Since many companies have only one fax number, everything from junk fax to legal documents is in one inbox.
This means that anyone who happens to turn over the trademark pile next to many fax machines for incoming faxes can easily see and read confidential personal and business information.
A person may not have the will or desire to invade various email accounts within the company for fear of being caught, however, a person who is malicious or medlar tends to just hang out near the fax machine, you can find incredible details about people and businesses.
Another way the fax machine is vulnerable is its transmission medium: a normal telephone line.
This means that in any part of the circuit, the line can be tapped, allowing someone to capture all inbound and outbound faxes from a certain location without being detected.
One of the best ways to secure a fax machine is to place a physical password on the fax machine to lock the keyboard.
This means that only people who know the password can use the machine.
This basic step may prevent most unauthorized Outbound faxes from being used, but anyone can still connect their own fax machine to the line and take the entire fax machine out of the picture.
In addition, this does not directly address security issues related to inbound faxes.
The use of a secure fax machine can help to secure the fax.
These machines encrypt faxes when sending them, but must be received by machines that can decrypt them.
Of course, this will only work perfectly if the secure fax machines at both ends remain in the area where physical restrictions are imposed. IP faxing (email-
Desktop fax based on)
Is another way to protect the security of fax machines.
In this way, fax communication is passed to the recipient through a secure data network, reducing the possibility that fax files will be intercepted.
Companies can then limit fax traffic to traffic from computer workstations, allowing them to have strict control over the people who send and receive faxes.
Sending and receiving faxes without fax machines is one of the best ways to solve Fax security issues.
Abstract: fax machines are often weak links in personal and enterprise infrastructure.
Note some simple guidelines on how to secure fax machines, and you can reduce the bugs they represent.
Take some action today and use the suggestions listed here to protect your fax machine.
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