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Learn about the definition of precision machining

by:QY Precision      2020-04-10
We may have different understanding of precision machining. How to understand precision machining? How to define precision machining? What is the definition of precision machining? Shenzhen fuchengxi Technology believes that the definition of precision machining is to complete the final machining of each main surface according to the steps and processes, including workpiece parallelism, surface finish, surface verticality, surface hardness and so on, so that the machining accuracy and surface quality of the parts meet the requirements specified in the drawing. 1. Parallelism requires the so-called parallelism requirement, which is the tolerance requirement around the workpiece. For example, a rectangular workpiece requires the thickness of the four corners of the workpiece to reach a certain tolerance range. If the thickness of the measured four sides does not meet the tolerance requirements, the parallelism requirements are not met. This requires re-adjusting the workpiece. The problem may occur in the grinding machine suction cup. The suction cup is worn due to excessive use, resulting in errors in parallelism; It may also be that the grinding wheel is not trimmed, or the grinding wheel is cracked and broken, and then the grinding wheel should be re-polished; It may also be that the suction cup is not cleaned up, so it is necessary to clean the suction cup again and clean it carefully; It may also be that the workpiece is not trimmed and burrs appear. 2. Verticality requirements the so-called verticality requirements require that the side and ground of the workpiece meet the tolerance requirements. The best understanding is the proper body. From the point of view of the number axis, it is divided into XYZ three sides. Generally, XZ and YZ are required to meet the tolerance requirements. The occurrence of errors is also roughly the same as the requirement of conduct. Generally, it can be handled according to the requirements of parallelism. 3. Other requirements such as finish. It is required to achieve, such as mirror effect.
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