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Lean is the foundation of CNC precision machining

by:QY Precision      2020-01-08
Lean production is imported, but Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers have practiced for many years, greatly improving the efficiency of CNC machining customization. At present, leading CNC lathe processing enterprises have basically popularized Lean production of precision mechanical parts processing. The low-competitive CNC precision parts processing enterprises are definitely some distance away from lean production. Lean production is a kind of continuous improvement of operating efficiency, giving full play to resources, including the initiative of core people, continuous learning and continuous improvement, so that CNC precision machining enterprises can continuously improve their competitiveness, eliminating waste is a way to maximize the use of resources, to maximize cost efficiency, and ultimately to maximize the profit margin of operations. In the process of precision mechanical parts processing, lean production focuses on over-production, waiting, transportation, over-processing, inventory, defect rework, walking and talent waste, and put forward many methods to eliminate. These are closely related to the business objectives of producing CNC precision machining manufacturing units. Many hardware parts processing factories always understand computers and MES/ERP as digital systems. However, the essence of so-called digital operation is operation, not digital, digital is only a means of digital operation. In fact, the foundation of digitalization is 'numbers '- It is a management science thought based on 'quantitative management. The lean of CNC precision machining is the foundation of digitalization, and Lean provides various quantitative methods and tools for production, for example, KPI, OEE, TPM, RCA, 5s, visual management, Kanban, etc. make precision mechanical parts processing factory a factory that can be quantified, visualized and transparent, everything serves the business objectives: quality, cost and delivery capacity.
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