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Lathe retrofit fits new controls budget: machine tool retrofitting has proven a profitable niche for a North Carolina shop and its customers.

by:QY Precision      2019-11-04
Simon and VickyShaw founded a company based on comprehensive control services in 2002 to provide all NC-for their machine workshops and automation customers-, CNC-andPLC-
Control the machine.
Recently at Allvac (Monroe, NC)
High performance alloys for aerospace and other markets.
The full control service completely replaces the control and drive package on the Safop lathe. [
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In such a time, a viable alternative
Downtime is a disaster in key markets like aerospace.
Vicky Shaw, project engineer at Total control services, explains: \"With the advent of the age of machine tools, or when their OE control packaging is too slow or too inadequate, modifications may be purchased by new machines
Especially in the case of economic tightening, transformation is a cost
Smart means to improve the performance of existing machines, both in terms of speed and accuracy.
\"The total control service provides Allvac with turnkey design, software, installation and commissioning services for Siemens Sinumerik 840D CNC and Simodrive 611D drive packages.
Sinumerik 840D is 2-axes up to 31-axes.
The controller utilizes the full line of Siemens drives and motors to achieve superior surface finish of the parts.
840D in its most powerful configuration, direct10 channels, 10 mode groups, and 31-axes.
The general control service staff is by no means a \"new\" company, and they bring a wealth of experience to this task.
The company originated from CNC Service Co. , Ltd.
Established in Halifax, UK in 1982.
By working with Davis Taylor Foster, a Virginia machine tool dealer organization, CNC Services began working on contracts in the United StatesS. in1999.
Its initial transformation was carried out on Ingersoll Rand 8 \"horizontal boringmachine.
In 2002, a comprehensive control service was established as the United States. S.
The subsidiary of CNC Services, since then has been working for sainenswestinghouse, NASA, Conweld, Duff Norton and other companies including Allvac.
In checking the Safop lathe at Allvac, the total control service enables engineers proficient in electrical, electronic, mechanical and software development to complete this task.
The main issues with Latheet include unsupported raw device control packages, lack of enhanced block search and relocation capabilities, poor on-board diagnostics, especially lack of network connectivity for data loading and program uploads
Reliability and uptime of the machine need to be improved.
Finally, new machines are not allowed under budget restrictions, estimated at about $450,000. [
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According to Simon Shaw, president of total control services, and Allvac, his client, for a small part of it, the total control service has installed a new control/drive package and is in Safop
Siemens Energy and automationrsleads. com/602mn-
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