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laser engraver with arduino

by:QY Precision      2019-11-03
The machine is designed to be laser engraved with wood and opaque plastic and uses Arduino and GRBL as the basis for machine automation.
The machine shaft is just the X and Y axis, it moves the laser with a power of 1 w 445nm, and this article aims to provide everything you need to make without giving up mechanical and electronic knowledge.
One can be produced for about 170 euros.
My Portuguese blog: www.
Logicamecatronica. com (
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Some materials are needed for your machine and I have listed the required materials in it.
You need tools.
Bill of Materials: 1x Arduino Uno1x motor jaw Shaft Coupler 55L mm1x laser 1 w 445nm (
You can choose another one, but I would suggest a maximum of 3 w on this cnc)
1x CNC shield v3.
11x laser driver 12v2 x stepper motor AC power supply 12 v 5A1x laser diode 1 w 445 nm 5.
6mm1x radiator 5.
6mm laser dide3x GT2 timing pulleys 20 teeth 3 m GT2 timing belt1 x 12 v fan cooler1x 605ZZ ball bearings 12x pulley rollers 695ZZ1x 5.
6mm to 18 laser diodes Case2x step motor driver DRV88252x limit switch 1x switch power 3D print piece 1x plug-in 230 v cable1x USB cable (
We will use Bluetooth later)
M5 nuts1x M5 screwdriver flexible cable wire for a pair of safety glasses note: Don\'t look at the laser directly and wear protective glasses forever. These glasses are cheap and have good results, look directly at the risk of blindness and cataract caused by laser.
Rat rig: 5x500mm V-
Slot 2040-black8x universal L brackets for openbuild (Single)
1x tee nut with open cover (25 Pack)
5x tee nut with open cover (1 Unit)
The wiring diagram of this machine is very simple, just follow the schedule below (
The resistance used is 1 k ohm)
3D print pieces, you need a 3D printer or order from any website that has already printed pieces online.
Insctructables from another user (tobias. sobkowiak)
With these photos, you can install your machine easily.
Necessary software (
Working only on Windows 7 or later, need framework 4)
I\'m using CamBam (is paid)
3 DPsender was made by a developer who also made a laser engraver, called 3 DPBurner.
GRBL hex file: flashing Arduino: flashing and setting GRBL: burner sending: burner Image 2 code: setting: the expected result of the machine will be these.
Download all the files here: you and I hope you like it :)
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