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laser cnc machine

by:QY Precision      2019-09-04
Introduction: The goal of laser CNC machine tool is to develop a kind of cutting
CNC laser, CNC represents computer CNC, computer as the controller of the machine, programming through the interface according to the instructions.
In addition to the shortcomings of accuracy and reduction such as lack of skilled labor, a large amount of waste and unskilled labor, the demand for productivity becomes a priority
Expected results.
Initially, the team was trained in CNC programming for a month, and the design was loaded onto a computer connected to a CNC laser, which changed the design to special code (numerical)
Control the way CNC is operated.
The electronic device consists of a separate power supply of laser, motor and Arduino, which can interrupt the input-
Output signal for motion and laser control.
The movement works through the rubber conveyor belt, which is connected to the motor through the bearing so that they operate on the x-axis and y-axis.
Finally, it was decided to use wood as the basis because it was both economical and plastic. Key Words—CNC Laser, G-
Code, step motor, Arduino, driver a4988.
We chose to design CNC by belt drive.
The design is done in SolidWorks.
The area specified for the work area is 32x28 cm, in which case the base is 4 pieces of wood 30x2x2 cm in addition to using 4 smooth steel bars to move;
The size of the rod is 30 cm x.
8mm in diameter.
Once all required specifications have been designed, 4 bases have been ordered to be built.
After that, we started printing the 3D parts we needed.
The motor test was carried out with the help of the A4988 driver, but before that, the current of the same driver specified by the manufacturer was limited to avoid problems with the two components, and the formula to get this is: ITripMAX = VREF /(8 × RS)
Where RS refers to the value of the resistance in S1 and S2, therefore, considering that the PAP motor is 0.
4 A, the gap is like this: VREF = 0. 4 (8 × 0. 1W)= 0.
When this value is reached, the potentiometer for each drive is adjusted.
After properly adjusting the drive, the program is loaded onto our Arduino Mega and connected to the software \"CNC controller\" to start some testing with a stepping motor and interface.
Once the basic command in Code G sent through the interface verifies the correct operation of the motor, the PCB starts to be built with all the external components used to start assembling the same PCB.
The base of the machine then starts, starting from the top, with an internal area of 28x32 cm and 2 cm thick on each side, after which these holes are used to place 3D parts.
The steel bar is then cut into the required size, in which case the steel bar is 28 and the steel bar is 27. 8 cm.
The LM8UU bearings are then placed between the rod and the 3D filament and greased to move faster and more easily, eventually immediately placing them on the main base, the f624ZZ bearing is mounted in 3D parts using nuts and bolts.
Later, the installation of the 2 Motors was realized, tightening them with screws in the main part of the base and placing the shaft so that the straps could be placed later.
In order to place 2 axes, 2 belts were cut and the end was connected to the belt, which confirmed that the movement in the shaft was optimal due to the presence of the belt.
The installation of the laser continues in the center of the machine, and the source of the machine is accommodated by cinches.
Finally, 4 supports and a base are placed in the mechanical structure.
After the mechanical part is completed, it is advanced into the electronic board, and A4988 drivers and relays are placed in the electronic board for easy assembly.
Then the first test was carried out in Inkscape software, converting the image to vector G code, setting the measured value of the file in mm, which will be the limit of the graph, then upload the file to the software CNC Control, then upload the GRBL program to our Arduino, we connect the software to the micro controller and start the engraving process.
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