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large cnc machine handed over to isro

by:QY Precision      2019-08-28
HMT Machine Tool Co. , Ltd. and Hyderabad have been entrusted to the three-axis CNC vertical mill. The Satish faced by the Indian Space Research Organization is resident in Sri harkota (SDSC SHAR).
General Manager, Unit B, Hyderabad, HMTV. S. S.
Prasad handed over the machine authorization key to ISRO chairman K.
Sivan participated in an event organized in SHAR in November 14 to unveil the new facility set up by SDSC for the processing, suppression and insulation of propellant for solid rocket engines. It is a state-of-
Art CNC machines with a large turntable of 4,800mm, as well as subsystems such as high frequency spindles, pressure control rooms and chips and dust removal systems required for processing various solid rocket engines.
The carrying capacity is 200 tons.
The maximum height of the machined workpiece is 12. 7 meters.
According to a press release issued by the company, this is the largest machine of its kind manufactured by HMT machine tools in Hyderabad.
The commissioning of the machine will help ISRO increase the production of large solid rocket engines for launching more satellites.
The cost of this machine is about Rs 18.
Hmt mtl Hyderabad is making three similar types of large machines for ISRO.
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