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ktm unveils rc 390 r for 2018

by:QY Precision      2019-10-15
KTM has launched RC 390 R for 208ktm and has developed many champions-winning, small-
Before introducing the popular RC 390, qualifying players-such as the RC250R moto 3 machine.
Since the bike made its debut,To-
Race brands have further developed this machine through dozens of \"RC cups\" around the world, where RC 390 is the only machine on the grid, bringing KTM
Can learn from the world experience.
From the recent launch of SuperSport 300 to the launch of the new Ninja 400 in Kawasaki, KTM seems to have raised the standard again in an attempt to keep it small-
World of qualifying cars
See, the new certified RC 390 R with the complementary SuperSport 300 race kit.
New production operation of R-
The Spec RC will be limited to 500 units, each of which comes from the factory with a range of hardware upgrades.
These include fully adjustable WP front and rear suspension, CNC machined folding clutch and brake lever, specially tuned power-plant, an all-
The new graphics kit and the new handlebars allow for a more aggressive riding position.
The MSRP for the new RC 390 R is $10,500 (or 8,500 euros).
In addition to the new bike itself, KTM has released 50 SSP300 kits for the purchase of RC-
The performance of R is on the next floor.
Both the 390 R and the above kit are for competition-
Laws in the SSP 300 FIM course.
The limited edition kit includes 230 individual components designed to make the RC 390 R a true SSP300 competitor.
There is no doubt that what KTM offers here is a real pro
Out-of-the-box level racing.
50 kits include full titanium Akrapovic SSP300EVO02 exhaust system, full racing ECU, STM slippers clutch, quick-
Shifters, wire harnesses, an additional set of wheels, advanced drill cooling system, complete body made of unspecified lightweight materials, and of course dozens of different transmission options.
As one might expect, buy pro-grade, out-of-the-
Box racer is not cheap, and each of the 50 racing kits costs $13,675 (11,000 euros)
That\'s on five of the bikes-
Price tag.
Unfortunately, the new kit is only available in the new R-
Specification 390, can not be installed to the old RC 390 model.
This package is definitely not for your daily commuter or Canyon carvers, but if anyone has a high-
300 level racing, this is probably your gold ticket.
Let\'s say you have a spare twenty dollars.
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