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kim family myths renew with a roar in n. korea

by:QY Precision      2019-11-06
Just before the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, the sky above the sacred penktu Mountain was red, and the indestructible ice in the center of the mysterious volcano roared deafening.
At the very least, this is the official description of the supernatural situation before Kim Jong Il\'s death on Saturday, as the state has conveyed --
North Korea\'s Central News Agency.
The news agency is one of the main propaganda agencies responsible for the establishment of quasi-media.
Since the founding of the DPRK in 1948, the Kim family has ruled the DPRK.
The tools to create myths have been developed for two generations, dating back to Kim Jong Il\'s father, the late President Kim Il Sung.
But with the sudden death of Kim Jong Il and the ascent of his young son Kim Jong Un, North Korea\'s image craftsmen will have to do it all at a distorted speed.
Trend News census citizenship issues immigration debate hard working hours cocoa Gove won the Pentagon\'s opinion so far in N.
North Korea video: some of the signs that North Korea made myth machines after Kim Il il Kim Jong II died at 69 :---
The bloody Kim Il Sung is still North Korea\'s \"Forever President\" and is embalmed at his former presidential palace.
After Kim\'s father died in 1994, his son, Kim Jong Il, took over the first hereditary heir to the communist world.
He is now lying in the Kumsusan Memorial Palace.
Kim Jong Il is believed to have rewritten North Korea\'s main rules --
Family ideology, known as the \"Ten Principles\", is the successor of his father.
His revision revolves around the Shenghua of the Kim family and makes it at the heart of state identity.
The birthday of the two late leaders is the biggest festival in the United States, even starting at 1912 anniversary of Kim Il Sung\'s birthday.
This year is Juche 100.
As Kim Jong Un prepares to extend the dynasty of the Kim family to more generations, North Korea is rapidly building myths by emphasizing his lineage and the legacy of the Kim family, from its role as a revolutionary in fighting the Japanese, to their spiritual role as the protector of the Korean people. ---
The official biography of legend Kim Jong Il says he is a \"godsend\", born in a cabin in paktu mountain while his father fought the Japanese.
\"They want him to be the star that lights up the future of South Korea, and they praise him as the star of paktu Mountain,\" his biography wrote . \".
The soldiers spread the news of his birth by carving announcements on trees across the country ---
Today, North Korea continues to carve messages of leaders on rocks and hillsides.
However, according to Soviet records, Kim Jong Il was born in Siberia a year ago.
His death is also a myth.
His obituary in the official media called him a \"natural commander,\" the DPRK news agency said on Wednesday, A Manzhou Crane found in Hanhong city circled the statue of Kim Il Sung for several hours before heading down toward Pyongyang.
The crane is a traditional symbol of longevity in Korea.
Kim Jong Un\'s myth has also begun, with an editorial in Labor News saying he was \"born a pair \".
\"However, the details of his birth and the legends that follow have not yet been revealed. A U. S.
The official told The Associated Press that he is 27 years old, although many observers suspect he will skip a few years to celebrate his 30 th birthday on January 2012.
This will mysteriously align the numbers: Kim Jong Il will turn 70 and Kim Jong Un will turn 30 the year Kim Jong Il will turn 100.
Kim Jong Il, 1941
2011 34 photos--
The portrait is a towering bronze statue of Kim Il Sung, whose arms stretch out and overlook the capital from the top of Mansu.
In the days after Kim\'s death, mourners have been laying flowers on the mountain, as they usually do on leaders\' birthdays and other major occasions.
Kim Il Sung\'s smiling face was also revealed from the face of the main building, although this week his portrait of the magnificent people\'s study in the center of Pyongyang was replaced by Kim Jong Il\'s portrait.
Portraits of the two late leaders stand out in every building in North Korea, with fathers and sons side by side or standing together, with colorful portraits, murals and larger --than-
Living mosaics spread across every village and city across the country.
Some also described Kim Jong Il\'s mother, Kim Jong Un, as North Korea\'s mother.
A similar portrait of the next leader, Kim Jong Un, has not yet been exposed, although his name has begun to appear on the plaque commemorating the visit in recent months and wishes the three leaders.
North Koreans have never been far away from their leaders, a government official said: Most people wear a small badge on the leader\'s face on their left side, \"close to our hearts \".
In this photo of March 9, 2011, the books were sold in a store in Pyongyang, which included a book about the late leader of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, titled \"The Eternal Sun of mankind \".
AP Photo/David goodenfeld--
North Korea has a slogan on its bulletin board, not an advertisement that says the main message of the leader.
Recent slogans have focused on construction and economics, such as: \"Everything in the name of improving people\'s daily lives \"---
Put forward the goal of building a \"strong and strong nation.
\"Pillar\" inscription \"subject\" national self-Philosophy
The route of the country road.
Only one country in North Korea
Run the TV channel and play cartoons, news, soap operas and movies later in the afternoon.
Major national announcement-
Including the death of Kim and Kim jong-il ---
Made by state television.
Korea Central News Agency (
It is the state\'s official news agency. Labor News is the newspaper of the ruling Labor Party.
The leader\'s name appears in a larger font than the rest of the text. ---
Kim Jong Un\'s appearance has striking similarities to Kim Il Sung\'s early days as leader.
Some North Koreans said they were moved to tears after seeing Kim Jong Un for the first time last year, as he was very similar to his grandfather. ---
The Kim family rules North Korea with the title of \"suryong\" or \"leader\", but it is also often mentioned by other titles.
Kim Il Sung is still the \"eternal president\" of the country, and he is also widely known as the \"Great Leader \".
Jin Zhengtai has always been called \"dear leader \";
During his reign, he was called \"great comrade\", \"Supreme Commander\" and \"father \".
After Kim Jong Un was appointed a \"Young General,
Star General of September 2010
In 2011, he became a \"respected general\" and was promoted to \"great successor\" after his father\'s death \".
North Korean state media this week called him \"a prominent leader \". \"---
ARTSThe Arirang \"mass Game\" is an amazing scene of choreography and syncing with 100,000 dancers tumbling and jumping together while students create a huge one using placards
The show is also a key tool for North Korean leaders to broadcast major political and economic information.
In 2010, a new section has been added to pay tribute to China, an ally featuring the flop panda. ---
\"Tramp, Tramp, Tramp!
Our footprints of General Kim!
So, go to the lyrics of the song, \"footsteps,\" when the leadership starts to start a succession campaign for Kim Jong Un-
The first hint to the outside world was the choice of heir.
In October, young women in traditional Korean clothing and men in Western clothing
The fashion suit dances with the song, clapping on the top of the head, stom feet on the square in front of the huge hammer --and-Monument to Sickle
Another popular tune is Lang\'s catchy song of CNC, a tribute to digital technology that Kim Jong Un is widely regarded as part of North Korea\'s economic reforms.
While Korean and Korean children learn many of the same traditional Korean songs-
Such as the popular folk tune \"Arirang\"--
They have their own patriotic songs, including the song of roots.
Kim Jong Il, \"the glory of the great party\" and \"we live in the arms of leaders \". So. addP so. addP so. addP so.
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