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Kevin Harvick signs long-term contract extension with Stewart-Haas Racing

by:QY Precision      2019-09-20
As expected, Kevin Harvik signed a long-term agreement
Long term contract extension for Stewart
When the team turned to Ford, Haas Racing
Shrs announced on Thursday next year.
So far, Harvick has made a huge success in his three seasons with SHRS, winning the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, winning second place last year and again this year
Finished third in the 2016 season.
Since joining SHRS, Harvick has won 9 out of 84 games and won 42 top five and 57 top 10.
These numbers are amazing.
\"It was a big decision to join Stewart --
In a statement issued by the team, Haas ick said: \"Haas Racing, it turns out this is my best decision . \".
I came to Stewart-
Haas played to win the championship.
We have one, but it will only make us want more.
I am happy to have a team so focused on winning to secure my future.
\"Harvick will continue to push the team first.
4 paired with the crew director, Rodney Childers, who signed a multi-year extension of the contract on last June.
\"Kevin\'s results represent themselves, and in addition to these figures, he brings an opportunity for our team to make everyone want to work harder,\" said Tony Stewart.
Owns the SHRS owner of Gene Haas, founder of Haas Automation, the largest CNC machine tool manufacturer in North America.
Kevin Harvik let Stewart
Haas is a better team and will continue to be an integral part of our future.
\"When you have talented people who are constantly achieving results, you will catch them,\" Haas said . \".
\"Kevin Harvik is an outstanding genius and we are very proud of him as a member of Stewart --
Haas has been playing in the next few years.
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