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karnataka seeks tata group investments in aerospace sector

by:QY Precision      2019-10-09
Large and medium-sized-
Minister of scale industryV.
Desphande specifically met with honorary president Ratan Tata at the Air India show and urged him to invest in the state\'s aerospace sector through the Tata group.
Officials say the minister and
Tata had about 20 minutes of discussion at Tata VIP cottage. Mr.
Deshpande discussed various measures taken by the state to promote the aerospace sector, including the aerospace policy and the aerospace park established at Devanahalli.
Karnataka is the only state in the country that has an aerospace policy, and there are also large numbers of aerospace component manufacturing units. Mr.
Deshpande is said to have handed over a copy of the aerospace policy to Mr. Tata.
\"In his answer,
\"Tata asked his officials to look at the potential opportunities in the state,\" an official said . \".
About eight Tata group companies presented their expertise and products in aerospace and defense at the Air India show.
Neil Ambani\'s 35-
A minute ago, industrialist Anil D.
Ambani spent nearly 35-
On Wednesday, a gust fighter flew in minutes.
\"It\'s a proud moment for an Indian to fly the world\'s most advanced fighter jets.
I look forward to the opportunity to make these aircraft under the \"Made in India\" initiative and to serve our country, Air Force and Navy . \"
Ambani said in a statement after the flight.
Reliance Defense Co. , Ltd.
Led by Mr.
Ambani has a joint venture with Air France Dassault, which is responsible for fulfilling the recently signed deal on 60 of the NDA\'s offset obligations to produce 36 gusts for the Indian Air Force.
For the second consecutive session, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, minister of national skills development and entrepreneurs of the alliance, flew at the air show.
He was also sitting in the gust.
\"Tested my flying skills on Rafale. . .
Amazing flight through wire technology. . .
\"A powerful machine,\" he wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, Lt. Gen.
Army Air Chief Commander Kanwal Kumar was flying a light combat helicopter during the event.
A kind Samaritan, thousands of delegates and guests traveled to Air India, and hundreds of drivers were seen looking for food and water at Air Force Base yarrahanka.
There are nearest restaurants quite far from the base, Air India\'s food court is out of the way for those who don\'t have a pass, and many drivers feel thirsty and hungry on the first day.
However, on Wednesday, the owner of a city --
Villa based Mall-
Someone who has contact with the driver-
Brought food and water to the driver.
** Relying on defense, hierarchical collaboration manufacturingStrata to manufacture PJSC (Strata)
Emirates and Anil Ambani-
Own Reliance Defense Co. , Ltd.
A memorandum of understanding has been signed to cooperate on advanced aerospace manufacturing capabilities between India and the UAE.
Potential partnerships will focus on opportunities for the production of carbon fiber composite aviation structures
Prefabrication and 3D printing of aerospace components and fuselage panels.
The partnership is in line with Strata\'s vision of becoming one of the world\'s top airlines.
Marnie, Marshall Aerospace sign
Based on Minnie precision products and the United StatesK. -
Structural machinery parts and submarine project contracts based in Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group have signed life cycles worth millions of dollars
Components of Air India\'s major aircraft projects.
With this contract, Maini is now positioned as a single source in India to support Marshall\'s manufacturing requirements during this project.
* Alpha Tocol delivery 100 Sukhoi flaperon Alpha Tocol has delivered 100 Sukhoi flaperon to Air India Limited
Alpha Tocol has developed these major components with HAL since the technology transfer of Su-30MKI.
On Wednesday, GoaAequs aerospace precision engineering and manufacturing announced the expansion of its ecosystem of aerospace and defense departments.
Aequs will open a highend multi-
Capacity aerospace and defense manufacturing facilities located in Goa Tuem with initial investment in crore.
The initial funding will be used to develop physical infrastructure, factories, machinery and equipment.
The new facilities will be more than one
Ability to precision engineering with CNC machines and new equipment
Design and production of sophisticated components for the Indian defense ministry.
* BEL received the offset contract from ElbitElbit Systems CosmoOptical Elop Limited(ELOP)
Israel awarded Bharat Electronics Co. , Ltd. (BEL)
Supply offset contracts for 10 compact multi-line units
Advanced stability system (CoMPASS)
Light Combat Helicopter for the production of Hindustan Airlines Limited
BEL has signed joint production and D-with ELOP-
Horizontal maintenance of the compass.
Airbus signed a memorandum of understanding with the Telangana government, the National Skills development company, to establish an aerospace skills development excellence center in Hyderabad, Air France.
The center will be set up at the Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad to train candidates from high school graduates to experienced aviation personnel in the field of aircraft manufacturing; logistics;
Maintenance, maintenance and overhaul;
Ground treatment;
And special Aviation processes.
The center will provide short-term services
Long term modules and long term modules
Term certificate and diploma courses acceptable in the industry.
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