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jump-start your fitness plan

by:QY Precision      2019-08-23
No wonder we often do not exercise.
When we get home and lie on the couch, even simple tasks like dental floss seem too time consuming.
But exercise should be a vital part of your daily life.
\"People have to make room for exercise in life,\" said Jay Blumenstein, a certified personal trainer based in Montreal.
\"After learning how to eat correctly, the next step is to learn how to exercise correctly.
Blumenstein says the most common mistake people make when starting a fitness program is setting unrealistic expectations for themselves.
\"This can be frustrating for beginners.
Treating exercise as an ongoing process is a healthy way;
\"It takes time to see the results,\" he said . \".
\"Just keep reminding yourself that exercise will be useful to you as long as you keep exercising.
Blumenstein said: \"Once you get started, it will be easier to keep you motivated if you try some of the following strategies: but the best inspiration comes from those who understand how difficult it is to be a workout convert.
Think about the stories of these former couch potatoes, and use their reality
The success story of life that moved you.
Susan: creating a personal program Susan hates exercising, but when she reaches her weight target she knows that she needs to be more active in order to keep losing weight.
She decided to hire a personal trainer to create a family project.
\"When she asked me about my goal, I told her that I wanted to eat a lot instead of adding weight! \" Susan admits.
But she said she immediately fell in love with lifting weights and even joined the gym to surprise herself.
She also started looking for her favorite cardio program.
She tried the steps, aerobics, treadmills and NordicTrack machines, but she said she didn\'t like them.
Finally, she tried the spin and enjoyed the challenge.
\"I am still motivated by the fact that I can relax my eating restrictions without gaining weight,\" Silverman said . \".
\"But the real benefit is that my energy and mental health have improved --being.
\"Jessica: find the time to get Jessica the opportunity she needs to start her workout.
\"I have always wanted to exercise,\" she admitted . \"
She arranged a weekly walking appointment in the park, which inspired her to add a separate walk and bike ride in her daily life.
When she started a new job, she was worried that it might kill her time to exercise, but she kept her level of activity.
\"I managed to get used to the smaller walks everywhere --
\"Take the train, go up and down the stairs in the town, even in my building,\" she said . \".
\"I still insist on walking and cycling on weekends.
\"Bobbi: At work, Bobbi was prompted to start the exercise program because\" [she]
Only 26 years old, no [, can\'t walk a block]her]
He started to get hurt.
\"Bobbi decided to take some time out for herself and her health and started an exercise program.
Her advice is to take it slowly and do what you can.
\"Soon you will feel like you can increase the intensity and duration of the event and from there you will start to feel great,\" she said . \".
Now, Bobbi noticed that she felt much better during her workout days.
\"Some kind of physical activity every day is so important --
Not only physically but also mentally.
Even 20 minutes.
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