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john crane, not simply a mechanical seal company.

by:QY Precision      2019-12-11
The rapid changes in customer demand in the Saudi oil and gas market reflect the rapid development of the Middle East.
OGN asked John Long, Middle East general manager of John Crane, and Mike Wigan Houson, Middle East turbine machinery manager, some questions about how their company works with customers to meet these needs.
Excerpts from the interview: John Crane Saudi Arabia Limited
Establishment and long term
Long-term relationship with companies such as Saudi Aramco
Are these associations playing a role in helping the company to gain increasing recognition in Saudi Arabia?
This is certainly the case.
John Crane\'s goal is to become a recognized leading provider of engineering solutions for the process and energy services industry, whether in the renowned fast-growing Saudi Arabian market or in the wider Middle East and Africa
John Crane has been in Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years, and a strong partnership with companies such as Saudi Aramco has played a crucial role in helping us achieve this goal, especially by providing direct feedback from customers in the region.
This feedback is essential to help us develop a strategic plan for the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.
It helps us to ensure that our commitment to the region, and the structure of the investment and expansion projects we make here, is reasonable so that we can meet the two requirements of our customers today, and what they will have in the future.
So, what is the current level of service and expertise provided by John Crane in Saudi Arabia?
As a local manufacturer, we have a very strong local business in this Kingdom, whether it is providing a wide range of services or equally important services.
We are a supplier recognized by Saudi Aramco, and the current level of stir-frying is 50, and we have a clear plan to continue to increase this number, so our connection with the region and our local is very deep-rooted.
Middle East and Africa headquarters in John Crane and service and manufacturing facilities our Saudi headquarters, service and manufacturing facilities are located in Dammamand, our ongoing investment program in Saudi Arabia has helped us to establish inspection, refurbishment and testing facilities including separate belts, wet seals and dry gas seals.
This enables us to test the full range of dry gas sealing bases we have installed in the kingdom, which is unique.
Daman also boasted about his country. of-the-
Art CNC machine workshop, large central parts warehouse, and comprehensive renovation and balancing capabilities of our extensive Yuanliu power transmission coupling.
Our customer service, chain of operations and engineering, HR and finance teams are also based in Dammam.
Dammam also has a fully equipped training center where customers can learn how to optimize their JohnCrane equipment.
In short, we have everything we need in the kingdom, which allows us to provide Saudi Arabia\'s customers with everything they need to keep their assets running at their maximum efficiency.
Will this bring real benefits to your customers?
In general, the goal of our customers is to improve reliability, higher operational efficiency and better maintenance plans as much as possible.
Our facilities in Saudi Arabia mean that they can now get the products and professional services they need to achieve these goals quickly and effectively from the local area.
This brings some benefits, such as shorter turnaround times for renovation work, faster access to expert advice and guidance, and higher availability of spare parts.
These local facilities also give customers easy access to many other products in the John Crane portfolio, such as sealing support systems, filtration systems, and advanced fluid dynamics bearings.
Different customers have very different requirements, and our team in Saudi Arabia has a detailed understanding of these requirements and the features of the different departments that these customers operate in.
As a result, we are able to provide each customer with professional customized solutions that suit their individual needs.
We can also help them comply with relevant regional, national and international standards on issues such as quality, environmental performance and health and safety.
We have made it clear that we want to work with our customers in Arabia, so it is a natural step for us to provide them with dedicated support and provide products and services around the world --
Class in quality, performance, innovation and support.
Is there any other facility in Saudi Arabia? Yes we do.
At Jubeir we have a fully equipped service center with a full range of wet seals, inspection, refurbishment and testing facilities. In addition, there is a product and service training center and a team of field service engineers who provide professional on-site services to their customers at any time. site support.
Our service center in Yanbu is currently upgrading to a 500 facility with inventory to further support customers on the West Coast and shorten lead times.
This means we can support our customers throughout Saudi Arabia.
Our investment and expansion means that we will continue to support Saudi Aramco\'s own future plans while improving our own Kingdom capabilities, which can only be good news for our customers.
It is important to remember that our growth in Saudi Arabia is part of our expanded supply to the Middle East.
This itself has seen considerable expansion in recent times, such as the opening of our MEA services and manufacturing facilities in Dubai.
Does Saudi Arabia\'s customers benefit from this wider network?
The answer is yes \".
We are a good example of Dubai.
Headquartered in John Crane Maya Turbine Machinery Group, which provides professional turbine machinery support services to customers in the Middle East, Africa and Caspian regions.
The turbine machinery group works with John cranstors ers to provide support in many different areas.
Itsoverall aims to significantly improve the reliability level of the customer while providing a quick response time for any service, fault investigation or technical issues that the customer may encounter.
The group was established in 2010 to meet the strong demand for such expert support in the region.
In fact, it is the only turbine machinery group based in the Middle East, which reflects John Crane\'s commitment to our customers, providing the company with a wealth of expertise in various turbine machinery applications
What services does the group offer?
The team members are from a variety of turbine disciplines with extensive expertise in dry gas sealing, filtration, fluid bearings, thermoplastic mazes, high performance coupling, and control and gas conditioning systems.
They created more than one together.
A skilled and highly focused team that provides a wide range of services, such as root cause analysis (RCA)
On-site installation, commissioning, on-site audit and training, all of which are customized to meet specific customer needs.
With a range of dedicated resources and processes, the group has achieved some significant success.
In the Middle East, for example, John Crane recently obtained some major turnkey contracts that transformed the sealing system of the centrifugal compressor, from traditional oil seals to dry gas Seals and Sealing Gas control panels
These types of contracts also require rotor dynamics analysis, which highlights whether the existing bearing groups
Up is sufficient because in some cases the new damper bearing may also be the same due to changes in rotor dynamics.
Experts from the turbine machinery group have played an important role in winning this new business.
This expertise is also key as John Crane can take on the role of the main contractor for such projects and provide a proven integrated product package including dry gas seals, control panels, hydraulic shock absorber bearing and power transmission coupling.
When managing a complete turnkey sealing renovation project, the group was able to handle all aspects from a preliminary review of the existing system to the final connection and connection
And provide continuous support for new installations.
It also supports the new administration of John Crane. of-the-
Through the dry gas sealing improvement scheme such as upgrade and seal management scheme, the art gas sealing service facility.
The turbo machinery group team has adopted a proactive approach that goes far beyond the environment of direct sealing to determine how customers can optimize the reliability of the plant.
This reflects that John Crane can provide a complete terminalto-
Terminal Solutions for turbine machinery applications, including product and service packages that are best suited to each customer.
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