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jobs for engineering majors other than engineering

by:QY Precision      2019-11-06
The average wage for Overview engineering is higher than in most areas.
However, engineering is often seen by management as an overhead or long-term investment and is targeted to reduce when funding is tight.
What job do engineering professionals have when they can\'t find engineering jobs?
For mechanical engineers, they are project cost estimation personnel in the mechanical workshop.
Do project cost estimation for construction company.
Write test plans and test programs for products or related technologies that you help design or support. Create 3-
D. mechanical drawings and models, modern equivalent to drawing.
Become a project planner for a work store or construction company.
Work as a technician in the fault analysis lab.
Register as a maintenance engineer or facility engineer, plan maintenance schedules, rotate equipment, determine maintenance costs, and update maintenance and repair records.
Working on an oil rig
Although the job is dangerous, it is very well paid.
For those who work overseas, wages are even higher.
Work for the construction consulting company.
These businesses look for problems using drawings and models provided by different contractors.
Does anyone plan to install pipes where other people place windows?
Will the wiring socket of the insert be aligned with the hole that others are drilling?
Through a little bit of training in local building codes, mechanical engineers can act as code inspectors.
Teach Blue collar students computer-assisted drawing and real-world skills such as how to read blueprints and estimate working hours.
Or teach basic engineering concepts at a trade school.
Risk management and contingency plans are naturally suitable for industrial engineers.
Become a Six Sigma or lean consultant.
The degree in industrial engineering is basically four years of training in this field.
Manage process mapping.
Become a logistics planner.
Optimize the flow of goods at the lowest possible cost.
The most obvious employer of this skill is a trucking company or an airline.
Traffic analysts monitor and record traffic.
This work involves identifying bottlenecks and root causes of congestion in car traffic, pedestrian traffic, trains and even shops.
For those with Six Sigma Black Belt or lean black belt, find a job that teaches the Six Sigma principles of others.
One of the main sources of employment in this area today is the medical field.
Medical insurance reimbursement requires the hospital to take process improvement and cost control measures and employ black belts as yellow, black and black belts to train employees.
Industrial engineers, with unique training, can conduct time research, whether in
Profits in manufacturing plants organized by trade unions, such as goodwill or production standards.
Enter change management, track change requests to documents, and ensure all changes are made to all relevant documents.
Industrial engineers are particularly qualified to enter the CMMI.
Electrical engineer works as hardware tester in assembly workshop.
Perform IV & V or integration, verification or verification tests for hardware integration labs or electronics manufacturers.
Or be a hardware tester.
Assist in the programming of CNC machine tools.
Manage the power load and monitor the power demand in the power center.
Teach electronic assembly at the manufacturer\'s site.
Basic trouble shooting for common electronic devices such as e-reader or Apple iphone.
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