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Jeweler Nirav Modi Launches NYC Boutique With Naomi Watts And Other Celebs Decked Out In Diamonds

by:QY Precision      2019-10-23
On September 8, 2015, Indian jeweler Nirav Modi officially opened his New York City boutique on Madison Avenue, his first boutique in the United States, hosting a cocktail party and dinner.
Attend and wear Modi av Modi diamonds for an Oscar-
Golden Globe Award-
Nominated actress Naomi Watt, fashion model Coco Rocha, Indian actress and model Nimrat Kaur and India-
American model and Bollywood star Lisa Haydn
But few in America. S.
May recognize Modi\'s name, he intends to build a high
End the jewelry competition with his outstanding Madison Avenue neighbors.
The New York store is his fourth since opening boutiques in Hong Kong, Mumbai and Delhi.
Over the next decade, he plans to open 100 stores in the United States. S.
China, Southeast Asia and India.
Such ambitious goals demonstrate Modi\'s drive and determination to rapidly expand its emerging brands.
In New York, Modi made fun of the boutique opening by showing $1. 65-million-
Dollar Maharani emerald diamond necklace earrings set in the shop window.
A range of designs selected for the New York market include jasmine necklaces from the Fluire collection, with more than 65 karat briolette and Jasmine cut diamonds set in 18-18
Karat platinum and flowers-
The theme is the Mughal collection, which includes a necklace that can be easily converted to a bracelet.
When Modi saw his little daughter playing with elastic plastic bracelets, he asked his team to develop an inflatable gold bracelet.
It took nearly two years for this Embrace bracelet to be completed, including 800 parts
Precision Components produced using CNC machines are usually found in the Swiss watch factory.
Jeff cantra, vice president of manufacturing, said: \"I have done work for every major house on Earth, and I have never made parts that consistently have so many components or so many environments, visit the production facilities in Mumbai of Nirav Modi.
\"They are complicated and it takes a long time.
The first Constellation necklace was made entirely by hand with 300 diamonds and it moved like a piece of cloth.
It took 2,000 hours.
Modi recruited Kantra to move from New York to Mumbai to oversee production and ensure high quality.
Kantra added that more than 35 points per Stone (About 1/3)
With the GIA certificate.
Initially, Modi approached Kantra
A jeweler who has worked with Carvin French jeweller, who produces jewelry for elite jewelry stores such as Tiffany.
, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef, Verdura-
Create a unique high
Jewelry in the Asian auction market.
Nirav Modi\'s Golconda Lotus necklace from Christie\'s collection, rare 12 models. 29-
At the Hong Kong auction in November 2010, carat K. K. Diamond was on the cover of the catalogue.
The work costs $3 million, and Modi immediately became famous for himself at the top of the Asian jewelry industry. Additional six-
Sotheby\'s sold art at an event in Hong Kong. The 44-year-
After the economic crisis caused others in the diamond industry to look around for cover, old Modi set up his own high-end brand in 2010.
But Modi also owns Firestar Diamonds, a multinational diamond and jewelry company, and he sees an opportunity to buy highquality stones.
\"It\'s just a good time to buy diamonds,\" Modi said while showcasing his design at the Mumbai boutique . \".
\"People think the world will end, but it doesn\'t make any sense to me.
If you keep track of diamond prices in the past 100, they may fall every 20 years if something happens, but within two years they will return to their previous highs.
\"The Nirav Modi collection is different from others for its unusual Diamond Mosaic technology and proprietary cutting.
For example, endless cuts are inspired by jade rings carved on a stone Modi saw in Hong Kong 25 years ago.
The diamond is cut with a calibrated curve to form a complete GEM Line using invisible mystery technology.
\"It looks like it\'s carved out of a diamond and you can\'t see any metal,\" Modi said . \".
\"It took me 20 years to dream of it and we spent two years perfecting it.
\"Each ring must be made by hand because the curve of each diamond must be calibrated according to the size of the ring.
\"Our jewelry involves a lot of design details and craftsmanship,\" Modi added . \".
\"It is recognizable from a distance and very light and comfortable.
You see very little metal, so the diamonds are really exposed.
\"The vision of NEAF Modi\'s main diamond cuttertranslate Modi translates into actual cuts.
Ainra Cut combines two diamonds that form an oval shape
Links in shape so designers can fashiondiamond chains.
The Jasmine cut evokes an ancient rose cut, adding luster to its faceted dome table. And the flower-petal-
The styled Mughal Cut takes inspiration from the Mughal miniature paintings.
\"Art has driven a lot of my creative efforts,\" Modi said . \".
He grew up in Antwerp, Belgium, and lived in a diamond family, with his mother, an interior designer, and went to the top museums in Europe.
Monet was fascinated when he first watched \"Water Lily\" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
Later, when he visited the Monet Garden in givini, he was inspired by the creation of the Lotus series.
In 1999, he began his art collection, focusing on Indian and Chinese art.
He has collected about 400 pieces in his Mumbai office, including a giant fiberglass elephant sculpture covered with tiny sperm --
Indian artist Bharti Kher shaped bindis.
Modi has used the animal as a symbol of his brand logo.
\"The elephant is a very powerful animal, but it is also gentle and majestic,\" he said . \".
Elephants also evoke the Indian tradition of jewelers.
\"All my jewelry combines my Indian heritage with my international exposure and love for art, nature, tourism and poetry,\" he said . \".
\"Each series has its own unique story to tell.
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