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Japanese CNC lathe processing, second quarter profit is not as good as expected

by:QY Precision      2020-01-31
Japanese companies that dominate the world CNC lathe processing market with brands such as fanaco have experienced slow growth in recent years. Recently, fanaco released its second quarter of 2019 financial report, showing that the net profit of precision mechanical parts processing products decreased by 48% and sales decreased by 26% year on year. Such a large decline in data has worried the entire CNC machining industry in Japan, and other companies will not be good. Japan's CNC lathe processing experts believe that the recession in overseas markets is the main reason for the decline in the performance of Japanese precision mechanical parts processing enterprises. With the global economy slowing down, japan's domestic market cannot place too much hope. The downward trend in the future will continue for a long time, and major CNC machining customization enterprises need to be prepared in advance. In fact, Japanese CNC lathe processing products rely heavily on foreign markets, especially China's robot market, which is of great significance to Japanese companies such as fanaco. At present, the demand for intelligent precision mechanical parts processing in China has begun to slow down, and the market growth rate is slow. The sales of foreign CNC machining giants in China have experienced a cliff-like decline.
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