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Japan's CNC lathe processing industry began to slump

by:QY Precision      2020-01-31
The imported machine tools of China's precision mechanical parts processing industry mainly come from Japan. Affected by China's economic slowdown, Japan's willingness to invest in CNC lathe processing industry has also weakened. Compared with external demand, Japan's domestic demand for CNC lathe processing has also slowed down significantly since the end of 2018. The decline in January was about 16%, and it expanded to about 28% in February. Japan's large CNC lathe processing enterprise Daxie still has a strong demand for machine tools for construction machinery and auto parts, but 'the demand for semiconductor-made CNC lathe processing equipment is weak ', demand fell by more than year-on-year in February. OKK, Kansai's large CNC lathe processing manufacturer, had a lower domestic demand in Japan for six consecutive months as of February than the same period last year. In terms of domestic demand for CNC lathe processing, the demand for machine tools of ordinary machinery and auto parts manufacturers is weak, and they are all major customers. It is reported that in the Mu Ye machine tool manufacturing institute, which is good at producing machine tools for metal molds, machine tools for ordinary machinery and auto parts 'have not received any large orders like the same period last year '. In the future, when Japan's CNC lathe processing orders will bottom out will become the focus of attention. CNC precision mechanical parts processing industry has a voice expecting orders to bottom out in the near future. For example, THK, a supplier of CNC lathe processing parts, said, 'the order will be in 2018 ~ December or 2019 1 ~ The end of March '. On the one hand, executives from Jin Shang, a CNC lathe manufacturer, believe that 'orders will not decline further according to the situation in March '. Japanese numerical control lathe Processing Industry Association is expected to 2019 year of numerical control lathe processing order will than 2018 reduce 12% to 1. 6 trillion yen. 1 ~ Orders in February fell 24% year-on-year, and some pessimistic voices predicted that 'orders for CNC lathe processing in 2019 may drop to 1. 2 trillion yen '.
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