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‘it accelerated so fast, there was a stampede’: russian football fan recalls rome escalator horror

by:QY Precision      2019-10-17
On Tuesday, the escalator at the subway station in the Italian capital Repubblica collapsed and fans watched the central Moscow Army play against Rome in the Champions League.
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Escalators packed with Central Army fans suddenly accelerated before they collapsed, and people were hit by a bunch of people --
At the foot of the steps.
As many as 30 people were hospitalized in Rome after the incident, most of them Russian fans.
A central army fan who witnessed the incident told RT\'s Ruptly video agency about the massacre.
\"The escalator is accelerating and people fall,\" said one fan . \".
\"There are a lot of people jumping off the steps.
People don\'t have time to avoid the escalator because it\'s too fast to cause a stampede.
\"There are more than 400 fans in this game.
\"Only those who failed to jump off the escalator were injured in the accident,\" he added . \".
Another fan at the scene claimed that the local government was too slow to respond, and the ambulance arrived nearly 30 minutes after the tragedy.
\"The ambulance came too slowly,\" said CSKA fan AlexeytoldRussia\'s Match TV . \".
\"This is the center of Rome, but we waited 25 minutes for medical aid.
The injured man was bleeding and we bandaged the wound with a belt.
We help as much as we can.
Fortunately, there was a doctor among the fans who helped with first aid.
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The reason for the escalator failure is unclear. Italian media accused Russian fans of jumping up the stairs and causing the elevator failure.
However, this has not been officially confirmed by local authorities.
The Rome area has launched an investigation into the incident.
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