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it\'s enough to make you dizzy! engineers design the ultimate spinning top toy that keeps rotating for almost 20 minutes

by:QY Precision      2019-09-19
For some, the spin top is just a toy, but in the hands of two teams in Japan, it is a honed device that can rotate for more than an hour.
An experienced team of \"craftsmen\" confronted a group of young engineers to see if they could design a popular toy with the longest rotation time.
With the master craftsman of a shop in Tokyo getting the Crown, the experience seems to beat the young enthusiasm.
Scroll down the video for nearly 19 minutes-
It takes much longer than toys can normally last on small platforms.
The battle was filmed by NHK World, Japan, and later proved successful online.
The competition tested the team\'s design and manufacturing skills.
In order to comply with the competition rules, the diameter of both tops is 2 inch (5cm)
Weight less than 18 ounces (500g)
Production within one month.
Ishio Ishida, honorary professor at Nagoya University, explained that it is best for the top to store energy at the initial rotation, but \"during the rotation, it reduces the loss of energy as much as possible \".
Leader of master craftsman, Takao Iseya in management 10-
The man Yanoc factory in western Tokyo does not use computer-controlled equipment.
When it comes to design, he says, it will be the sum of more than 60 years of business life, and it starts a life that looks like a traditional toy --
Top made of metal.
Craftsmen honed their design to make it more cylindrical, giving it a blunt tip made of high speed steel-the same material as the one that makes durable blades and drill bits.
By contrast, the 32-year-old young aerospace and mechanical engineer of Mitsubishi precision, led by gaodao, proposed an unconventional design with a hollow center and a spherical point.
The team \"space\" decided to use a shell made of tungsten-three times more dense than steel-with a hollow inside, and the idea was that the doughnut shape would allow it to rotate for longer.
Adjustments include lowering the center of gravity to improve stability and using a ceramic durable ball with a diamond coating at the tip so that it continues to rotate even if it is tilted.
In the video, first place the two tops on the mechanical spinner to make them rotate at the same speed.
\"The rotation they get is about the same as the rotation the human hand gives them --
1,500 rpm (rpm)
The video interpreter explained.
Then place the top on two identical steel platforms and measure 0. 8 inches (2cm)
Robot arm diameter to ensure fair testing.
At the beginning of the timed test, both tops look very stable.
At this point, Mr. Iseya said: \"Everything has been fine so far.
The biggest concern is that it will fall down, while Mr Tajima says the top is \'centered, \'so we look at a good place right now.
In the video, both teams take the game very seriously, stare at their work and react to the smallest swing. At the five-
Minutes mark, both tops rotate in a stable way, but at 11 minutes the team space has left the center of the platform and started to swing.
Mr. Tajima said: \"It\'s OK now. I think it will last for a while . \"
Although they all passed 15-
The minute mark \"tajima special\" was more wobbly and the team leader said \"this is serious \".
Both tops were over 17 minutes, but Tajima Special fell off the platform in 17 minutes and 55 seconds, making the top of the master craftsman a winner.
When Tajima Special drops, the top of the competitor hardly swings, but its stability drops faster than the competitor, dropping from its own platform in 18 minutes and 56 seconds.
After the victory, Mr. Izaya exclaimed, \"we have done it. thank you very much.
We can all have some sake.
He also said that we have achieved the best record in our failure so far.
We put everything here, so we are happy with the result.
Professor Shi Tian added that the battle lasted much longer than we expected.
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