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is 18% approval rating for congress too high?

by:QY Precision      2019-09-06
Jack Cafferty from CNN: It\'s not just a record blizzard that slows down Washington --
For our legislators, it seems almost impossible to do anything in the capital of our country.
Some hope that by putting Democrats in charge of both houses of Congress and the White House,
They may actually finish some people\'s business. Not so fast. For example -
No one can agree on the employment bill. . .
Some say Republicans don\'t want to sign any bill pushed by Majority Leader Harry Reid.
Meanwhile, more than a year after taxpayers rescued Wall Street
Real financial reforms still haven\'t made any progress, and bankers have regained record bonuses.
How is the priorities of other presidents going? health care? education? energy?
This is before Republicans celebrate the swearing-in of the masses. Sen.
Mr. Scott Brown. 41\" -
Who will give the Republican Party enough votes to block it.
It\'s no surprise that a new Gallup poll shows congressional support is the lowest in more than a year.
Only 18% of Americans agree with the way Congress works.
It dropped 6 points in just a month.
78% of people disapprove of it.
Gallup believes this is mainly due to a sharp decline in support for Democrats. . .
It has dropped 15 points since last month.
The Democratic Party approved Congress, which once became president.
After Obama took office, he is at his lowest level since then.
In recent months, the approval ratings of Republicans and independent parliaments have fallen below 20%.
My question is: is the approval rate of 18% in Congress too high?
Interested to know which ones are made in the air?
Bob of Kansas City, Missouri
Wrote: No, 18% is correct, they do some good things when for the benefit of the rich and the company.
Now, if we can replace all of them in the next few elections, things will improve.
John wrote: 18% is incredibly high.
At least in the last four governments, it doesn\'t matter which party has a majority.
Apart from the irrelevant differences, our great nation is only constantly heading towards destruction.
Ruth from North Carolina wrote: When it comes to proper approval ratings from Congress, anything that doesn\'t include good
The fees allocated to the citizen operations of each elected official are too high.
Every time they don\'t listen to the opinions of the people who elected them, they need to be encouraged.
I\'m sure there will be a lot of volunteers reminding members of Congress that they work for us.
Pamela wrote: Do you want to raise your rating, Congress?
Try to abolish free trade and re-impose tariffs on goods and services to get all our American jobs
He was held up after returning home.
Linda from Arizona wrote: Who are these mysterious 18% people?
I want to hear them defend their position.
Simon in Orlando wrote: I was shocked that 18% of the population was stupid enough to think that there was nothing but self
Interest and incompetence spread in Congress.
Anne wrote: it was too high at about 17: 00. 5%.
Moby in Detroit wrote: Jack, it\'s hard for me to believe that one of the 5 people still supports the practice of Congress.
I think there are more lobbyists out there than I thought.
We need to have a good look in the mirror.
The government we elect is not what we need.
We elect people and send them to Washington. C.
Take care of the interests of our country.
So it\'s not surprising that they will do everything they can to make the people who come home happy.
It puts its own interests above other things.
This is the system we created and we can sleep on this bed we made.
So all we get is what we want, not what we need.
Politics has become a team sport.
Both sides are only interested in winning without any interest from the American public. . .
We are the losers in this sport.
I don\'t think the Founding Fathers have ever regarded politics as a profession or sport.
We need time limits and no more lobbying.
The only Hall should be the voters!
The simple answer is: because when they were elected to the DC level, they were like grandiose Baggies at the beginning, with a huge self, perhaps well-meaning, and they began to believe in their own garbage, feel superior to everyone: smug, arrogant, seems irresponsible to anyone.
So when they feel that each of them has the only correct answer to anything, the opinions of others are obviously wrong, so all these types of narcissist insist that others have to come back to their perspective.
The result: the uninterrupted deadlock is almost unaffected by the parties, and is more of a major one, especially the self.
The only shock these pompous quibble gets is that when the new young buck is quibble, making newer, more eccentric false promises, challenging them in the family election, because the veteran saw stickershock when he was eliminated by the promise of the green ranch.
Of course, it\'s a pity that it\'s not a loss. The DC wind bag has hit the second life, political style, and let the blue hair track do what they are best, a paid speech with sentences containing no less than 1000 words per sentence, in the long run, seems to have also been paid 1000 words.
Ironically: today, when Washington is panicking about a little snow, citizens need to spend $100 in order to keep themselves at home, which could be Washington for a long time.
Why is it always so hard for Washington to accomplish anything?
Because our leadership is a slave to lobbyists and big companies.
Now, the Supreme Court has opened the door to flood control to more such people.
We will be troubled by bad leadership before we get the following information: 1.
Public financing for all activities.
Equal play time and print time for all candidates, and equal play time and print time for all views in all markets, not just one view.
Term limit for all seats4.
No office pay for life.
Our leaders have the same level of health care as ordinary Americans (
They can\'t buy for themselves/their families and can\'t \"get\" any better insurance)6.
Lobbyists are prohibited from donating any donation to all candidates other than the national candidate bucket.
Companies like individuals can only give barrels of national candidates to all candidates.
Limit the campaign to 3 months before the election so leaders can do what they are elected to do without having to run for re-election
When they come to power through the above methods, we may have a good chance to get better leadership for our country.
The rich and big companies will no longer buy seats.
Jack, we saw it.
We have 6 or 7 lobbyists for every member of Congress and a minority party who can\'t even stop running long enough to get their job done.
I don\'t know what the problem is.
They all become fossils.
This problem can be solved by time limit.
It\'s been over for a long time because the house is clean.
Why do people always vote in old fossils?
Beat me, but when the election comes, I\'m going to sweep them out and go home and retire, or all of them as lobbyists.
Our American people should ask for a time limit.
Special interests.
Every politician is responsible for a group of special interests, almost always at the expense of the people they should represent.
Because they are only for the \"party\" and do not care about the \"people.
Actually, it\'s kind of like two-year-olds arguing on toys.
Because we have only two options: Democrats and Democrats.
Republican, yes. No, Left vs.
Yes, my way. The Highway.
No choice.
Professional politicians are only interested in doing one thing: Starting Overelected.
We will never do anything until we have a legitimate, credible, third party.
In fact, Washington is doing almost everything big business lobbyists want.
Jack, we have two major political parties in this country and no one knows what they really represent.
They have no platform (
Members can be expected to advocate ,)
They attracted a large number of people with political beliefs.
Republicans from the middle to the extreme conservatives;
For Democrats, we have liberals and Blue Dog conservatives.
Many people join Congress with ideals and agenda.
Once they taste the pomp, the power ,(and the money,)
It is more important for them to keep their intuitive position.
Few people haven\'t heard from powerful voters or lobbyists who represent his interests in one day.
In this climate, most Americans have few champions.
No crisis or a bill that helps rebuild
There is nothing to do to elect a majority.
We urgently need a viable third party that can meet the needs of the middle class and the agenda.
Rick, Medina, OHIt is a struggle because there is so much money for lobbyists in this system-everyone is making sure their wallets are stuffed-not working for the American people.
In addition, Republicans have no intention of becoming \"double\"partisan\';
They want Obama to fail and will do whatever it takes to achieve that-and even stop the country from making progress. D. C.
Conflict and fighting are the political atmosphere of the United States.
Our elected officials often work for themselves, not for the benefit of the people.
Post-basic political philosophy
Everything is for control.
They want to control, they want to control, they want to control people.
More of our politicians need to rely on themselves, not on the faith of their party.
The Republican and Democratic national committees need to stop arguing with each other and simply listen to people.
Please note that people do not include the Tea Party minority, they just get the most air time.
The news should not be blamed for our problems, but they did exaggerate our problems.
Because most of us
The so-called representative is forced and paid by lobbyists-
Monetary interest groups.
Once they arrived in Washington, they lost their sympathy for us. the-
People \"turn to\" I, I, I \".
You old fox! Money.
Government = money
This is the disease of the Third World.
Welcome to the United States of the Third World.
Unless you avoid politicians like Palin, McCain and Lieberman, your bloodline is actually irreversible.
The simple answer is that most politicians are employees employed by big businesses.
More subtle answers to the ever
The American people are becoming more and more stupid.
They are too lazy to be told that it is easy to believe lies and to be manipulated.
A few people who truly understand what we do cannot hold the government accountable.
Well, because the Republicans and Democrats have taken two different points of view, it is difficult at all times.
Republicans believe in \"top-down\" and Democrats believe in \"bottom-up \".
But at this time, the split is widespread, angry, and never-ending.
Plus the far-right conservative tea bags that make a lot of politicians nervous, you have the secret of disaster.
For a long time to come, nothing will be done.
Because, Jack, what politicians are more worried about
More important than ruling.
As long as a problem is not solved, it can be considered \"the fault of others\" and a politician has a dynamic basis to push him to win in the next vote.
If he does solve the problem, then his foundation may disappear unless he can identify a new grievance and interest them.
So as long as he doesn\'t do it can be blamed on someone else, he has no incentive to actually do anything.
Term limits can\'t solve the problem because lobbyists don\'t have term limits-what you do to a new politician is to provide new naivety things for lobbyists.
This is only one dimension of the problem we face.
I don\'t know the solution, you don\'t have time to discuss more than one layer at a time.
When you have a group of people who only intend to stop anything from happening, it is not difficult to stop everything.
Washington was set up to allow this to happen.
In order for the people to realize that our government is not capable of doing anything, it may be necessary to melt completely.
Most politicians are bought and bought.
Seemingly simple things-like universal health care paid by increasing taxes-become a nightmare when big insurance and big pharmaceutical companies take out their checkbooks and buy lawmakers
So is environmental protection, banking regulation and everything else.
Money Talk, ordinary citizens do not have so much money to communicate.
It is a struggle, because on the basis of this government, as it was decades ago, our principles are not based on the law, not on the ideals of the United States, nor on the well-being of humanity --
But the people who chase it for money and at all costs.
The good news is that with the government distorting the basis of our monetary policy, the monetary system may soon become secondary to survival itself.
Then, a law of the jungle will rule the struggle of human survival and social progress.
Not very beautiful.
Another option is that our leaders immediately make meaningful decisions on behalf of our country.
Let\'s hold our breath, shall we?
Jack, our government has become so big that it is trying to please every special person. voting)
It\'s like trying to do anything around a battleship in a bathtub.
I don\'t believe that the government that this father envisioned will be the nanny country we live in.
Everyone who doesn\'t want to roll up their sleeves to make money in their own way wants a handout, and politicians are willing and ready to give them the money to vote.
They play a very distorted game.
I believe that Republican senators and ridiculous rules require 60 out of 100 votes to do anything, because it is not in their best interest to do anything.
The task of managing the government should not require Congress to be on payslips all year round.
With today\'s information technology, Washington should be a ghost town in nine months of the year.
But hangers-
Must find a real job or another owner
Who will impress senators and delegates who speak so highly of themselves?
Because they are a group of selfish idiots who have been allowed to run crazy for decades!
Now, with the constant attention of the media, keeping them on a collective alert, they don\'t know how to act.
Hi Jack-one of the reasons our Congress has not achieved anything is because they are experienced politicians and do not have the skills to achieve business efficiency. . .
They lack the critical business project management mindset needed to get stakeholders buyin (
American citizenship)
, Establish a scope for their efforts, develop a plan with a schedule, start the plan, monitor, control and execute the plan, and finally, end the plan to identify lessons learned to improve efficiency.
Since their efforts also do not have accountability, it is easy to understand why threats and roll names are their most valuable feature. . .
In essence, they lack the talent they need to work efficiently.
They are the people who love to talk, maybe they should be the game host.
No one on either side really cares about anything other than their own grandeur and increase their own wealth and power --
Even at the expense of the American people.
Of course, it\'s always a struggle to get anything done in Washington. C.
When you get the Republicans to stop every sensible idea President Obama is trying to push forward, try to get the country back on track.
They don\'t care at all about the country and its people.
To them, the U. S.
Not a respectable country, it\'s just a market that is exploited and looted for all their friends in big oil and other companies.
Because you have 535 different agendas, most people are reluctant to work together to accomplish anything that is good for the country.
Our politicians owe too much money to get them elected, and things will get worse thanks to our Supreme Court.
Unless you solve the money problem, get rid of lobsters and their money, and really hold politicians accountable for what they do or don\'t do, nothing will change.
The problem is that you can only kick the can so far before the crisis breaks out.
All you need to do is take health care and social security as an example.
When your campaign is acquired and paid by interest from a company that wants to keep the status quo, you are obliged to support this interest.
Unfortunately, this interest is often inconsistent with the will of the people who elected you.
So, in order not to let people know that you were bought, you have to use smoke and mirror technology to make it look like you are on the right side of the problem.
You are usually safe if you make sure you don\'t do anything, so no one can blame you for doing the wrong thing.
The answer is simple: Congress focuses on keeping their jobs, not finding out where our jobs are and how to get them back.
The Founding Fathers wisely let our system slow down so that we don\'t rush to do anything stupid with impulse, rashness or indiscretion
Modalities of consideration.
But when these clowns want something of their own, they manage to get around all this.
However, when it comes to doing anything that is good for the people they should work for, they manage to take advantage of all the obstacles they can use.
This is the biggest loser you will find in a building, unless you count the Americans you really lost.
I know one reason Washington can\'t do anything, the House and Senate even put politics aside and now it\'s just the obvious hooligans and evils in the Republican population, all those who listen and believe what those racists say. (
May God bring pain to all of us.
Now we know why so many people hate race, color and faith.
It starts in Washington, D. C. C.
With all Americans who voted for it in the last election and any elections thereafter, it will not have a negative impact on some Americans, it will have a negative impact on all Americans.
I \'ve seen a few things in the past from Washington, but I can\'t believe this, but it\'s right and can\'t be denied.
To be honest, DarleneIt is this simple Jack, bi-
The party dispute has become the past.
We rarely see news, and we rarely see a powerful congressman seriously demandingpartisanship.
Because they all deal with themselves with red tape.
If they can never swim freely from all the red tape, then in D. C. ever.
This is because of flying pig syndrome.
They did not work hard enough.
Well, there are a few things we can try, like congressional term limits, public financing for elections, controlling lobby group bigtime, and the stupid rule of canceling the 60 votes in the Senate.
However, since our legislators are the beneficiaries of most of these good things, I don\'t expect them to vote against themselvesinterest.
Talk about it. 22.
Jack, the only reason Washington, D. C. can\'t do anything is because old heads like you take up space and chairs get warmer.
It\'s time for new blood and politicians to recover.
Because these people care about money and power.
Those who do not do so are slowly destroyed by those who do so.
Two political parties in Washington hate each other.
Nothing can be done without the rules of most people.
Both sides canceled each other.
Wake up Congress.
The American people are tired of quarreling.
Unless you all start working together for the common good of the American people, you will be eliminated.
Wow, I sound like I\'m talking to my first grade class.
They were purchased and paid by K Street.
Also, the conservative Supreme Court has just handed my vote to the company, the health lobby, and every idiot in the tea party movement doesn\'t know the difference between \"debt\" and \"deficit.
Unfortunately, there is no head of conversation on TV.
If the money is right. . .
Nothing is difficult for Washington to accomplish.
Don\'t you know how fast it is to do things for lobbyists who throw \"big money\" around?
What kind of question is this?
Washington has achieved a lot.
Let us list them. they are not necessarily achievements of this government. I am willing to share success with the previous government: 1. 2 wars 2.
Economic downturn.
The housing market was completely destroyed.
Manufacturing without jobs. 5. A 10% (
About 17-20%)
Unemployment rate 6.
GItmo 7 cannot be closed.
Record profits for banks.
Record profits for the defense industry.
Record profits in the oil industry.
Can\'t be rewarded by beat11\'s bank executives.
Wall Street bonuses are not possible.
Eavesdropping, etc. etc.
They should all be proud of the achievements of etcA.
Because they are like children who don\'t learn to share concepts.
There\'s so much money in the campaign, they\'re all making sure they keep the money flowing, and the only thing they can do is do what people with moeny needs want to do.
Money from all sides means Congress is pulled in the opposite direction, and lawmakers are afraid to offend money and not compromise.
Of course, the United States Supreme Court has made the situation worse by controlling corporate spending.
For how insulated Wahington became, the court forgot that the company was a legislative novel and that the Constitution allowed to limit their spending because the company was not human!
Sometimes, I don\'t think our Congress is human either, just squandering it for the benefit of the company and for our money.
After Gore\'s defeat in 2000, Democrats turned it into a partisan environment that was very counter to Bush.
It has been a partisan nightmare since then.
First, the Democrats have been attacking Republicans for eight years, and now Republicans are trying to strike a balance when Obama gets an education through OJT on how to be president.
There are two reasons, namely (1)
Senate Republicans don\'t want Obama to do anything. 2)
Senate Democrats are too scared to say that Republicans are bluffing.
They should have every Republican who wants to block a bill or appoint phillipbuster to the endurance race.
They will win the game because most people, Republicans will lose any support they enjoy now because they have to expose themselves as they are --
I don\'t know anything.
They\'re nothing.
NJI Hoboken envisioned everyone in Congress standing on the podium with a group of lobbyists underneath.
The congressman walked up to the microphone and \"who will start my service tender for $10,000 \".
This process will neverending.
Self, because American companies have strong financial resources, you can\'t drop a penny on politicians without hitting them.
Very Simple Jack, as long as no one is willing to give \"them\" a little space (
Who are they in the opposite politics. )
They were paid to sit on their hands and our representative had no incentive to do anything on Capitol Hill.
If America\'s working class were to behave like Congress, our unemployment rate would be much higher than it is now. . .
Because their motto is what I can do to make each other look bad so I can look good and start overelected.
We are not a country that believes that the interests of many people are the best. we are indeed a divided state of the United States.
We stood together, we fell, Jack separated, we fell faster and faster. Why isn;
Is it more efficient?
Because it\'s not necessarily the case.
There is no accountability, almost no organization is effective, and Washington is no exception.
We, the voters are responsible because one thing we have never done is to insist that our leaders stop the party\'s nonsense and empty promises and actually make the machine work.
The United States is too big and too diverse to act \"quickly.
\"Thank God for giving Jack!
That\'s why big government projects don\'t work and don\'t work in the United States. The one-
All the approaches we take to our problems by the representative of our desire for power do not yield viable results.
I\'m happy when they don\'t do anything-they let me solve my own problems instead of \"helping me\" with them \".
There are so many people in the United States calling for government intervention.
Politicians have not done anything because they have a lot of dollars around them.
If they are interested in supporting their constituents and not their company underwriters, we may actually see some progress.
Washington\'s incompetence comes from the simple fact that they act like politicians, not patriotic citizens elected to solve problems.
Because the US government is not a monarchy, it is a democracy.
Must represent the ordinary people, the people who represent them are trying to regainelected.
This is a struggle because we are a country with only two political parties that can survive. our buck)
Back every few years.
Each side is tired of the people who are currently in power, and nothing can be done.
We need a third party that can break the killing of our government by Democrats and Republicans.
This is a simple question.
They can\'t do anything because both sides refuse to cooperate.
Democrats spend their time demonizing Republicans. ordinary Americans and Republicans spend their time accusing Democrats of turning America into a dictatorship and scaring Americans with intimidation.
Sadly, those voters who just want to answer questions and concerns that affect our lives and our families have not really listened to us.
I\'m looking for a job and I know my kids will have a great future.
One day I hope they learn to get along with each other in a friendly way and realize that the American people are not their enemies.
Wow, I thought you were smarter than asking a stupid question.
Washington is a bureaucracy.
The primary directive of any bureaucracy is;
The bigger the better, the waste is good, the purpose is meaningless.
Now you know how our government works. Because we (
American people)
Let us ourselves be drawn to professional politicians who seem to have to agree to limit our choices only during the election.
Why can we let these politicians live above average without showing us any results. Today in (DC)
They are so disconnected from each other.
If you look at them, they look around for someone who leads them.
They walked around and did not hear what others were saying.
It\'s a shame that they can\'t control themselves with such crazy money.
It\'s simple that the West Wing\'s scratch-stopper is trying to make Rush Limbaugh look like a profit or Conservative messiah.
Simple and clear. . .
It is run by politicians.
It is a struggle because most politicians do not know: they have never worked or paid.
It will be more of the same before our people force them back into our Constitution: nonsense.
Basically, the only thing they want to accomplish is their own upcoming re-election, no matter which party they come from.
No one is willing to take responsibility for actually addressing health care or the deficit, which may require tax increases or restrictions on government spending (omg! )
They will not do anything that risks re-election, nor will they take any position on all the many issues we face in this country, except that the other party has done something wrong.
That\'s why they will be involved in whether baseball players will bring steriods and show a way to actually do something when you don\'t! !
I hope we, the people, don\'t fall because of their antics.
If we don\'t get these guys out, we\'re done! !
Because they live in a different America from the rest of us in Washington.
They allow lobbyists to influence their vote, not the people who actually enter the polling station to elect them.
They are more concerned about supporting the party line than doing the right thing for Americans every day, because if they are against their party, others may be against them, take their \"work\" away from them.
The recent Supreme Court ruling further encouraged the relationship.
It\'s disgusting, Jack.
Jack, the biggest problem in the country is lobbying.
I still don\'t understand the difference between bribery and lobbying!
Because the people we sent
We get a lot of assurance through a relatively low salary that we need to constantly cater to contributions and violations to their personal lives, and no normal but capable person will endure being a politician.
This makes us a true theorist on each side, treating crazy fringe elements, real power fanatics or professional defenders as our only choice.
Then, because we know this, at least from the heart, we split the government, observed them 24/7 through organizations like you, and made sure that they could not escape the touchstone with many political parties.
Most of the time, we actually have a better life, but occasionally something is very serious and obviously needs to be done, and even the blind pigs we send will find the acorn.
These professional politicians have betrayed their souls, so they have nowhere else to go.
Since they have betrayed their souls, they no longer feel responsible.
Well, they were caught having an affair, a member of a secret community, caught taking bribes, explaining some of the pork bucket adventures that funded family members, standing on what they were all doing the day before, or heading to Norway with peloxi for $2 million.
Jack, do you really think the thief has an honor? Hey Jack.
Is this a rhetorical question?
There is no struggle.
People in Washington have made many achievements.
For example, Senator Jude had arranged funds for a new train station in the state.
The small problem is that there has never been a train service to where they built it.
There is also an example of the famous Alaska bridge.
This is a job.
Of course, my favorite is the £ 10 million at the redraw central station in New York, which is the emergency funding for the North Ridge earthquake in Los Angeles.
Show me which part of the Los Angeles station.
Don\'t forget the million-dollar study of jack rabbit mating habits in Arizona ,(
Just like the rabbit needs help). See Jack,….
Washington is busy.
Because we have a political system designed to prevent abuse of power rather than exercise it.
Its purpose is to stop the establishment of demiggos and there are many stops to stop it.
Unfortunately, both sides currently see this as a zero-sum game, and winning by one side is a loss by the other.
It was described as a chance of a 2000 election defeat.
Now, in addition to a change that one side opposes, it is too polarized for anything good in the current scene.
Whenever the rich think something is going on, it will change their very, very good life and they will fight for the people who are trying to do it.
If not all governments are wealthy business owners, we should not play games.
And theRich will always take care of the rich.
It sounds like I have a problem with the rich and the rich, but I don\'t.
I just don\'t think it should be rich or poor.
What does equality mean?
Because there is no consequence of failure.
Because even if voters sometimes throw the tramp out, their replacement will soon be assimilated by the Borg.
Because Congress is 535 of president varnabi\'s.
So far, we all know that Congress is bought and paid for by major corporate interests.
The only way to break the deadlock is to make them all belong to the same moreNational cartel
SusanTuscaloosa ALIt is a struggle because Congress, which could change the bad picture, is its main beneficiary: not being restricted by tenure, controlling lobbying funds, and running for financial reform. That is Catch-22.
Of course, the issue of the Senate\'s super majority is annoying, and no matter which party is currently popular with it. simple.
Our elected non-delegates are completely out of touch with the people they should represent.
They are only interested in their re-election and belong to special interest groups (
The Supreme Court ruling is now issued)
Unwilling to cooperate, unwilling to compromise, forgetting that the political factions have no priority over the will of the people who elect them.
We urgently need a little thing called \"time limit.
Don\'t forget they gave themselves a raise (
Oh, I forgot. it\'s automatic)
While the rest of us have lost their jobs/benefits, there is no salary increase.
Lawmakers cannot pass legislation that affects the future of the United States and its young population because lobbyists, some law makers, the media and ordinary Americans want to keep the status quo.
This is for them, who cares about others!
The media, including CNN, experts and lobbyists, are questioning every single thing that lawmakers are raising every day, wasting time and money.
President Obama has learned to try to make the best of both worlds.
The party in the Senate can make you lose a seat.
Unless Democrats are prepared to pass legislation, as Republicans have done in the past, no matter what people say will happen in both houses, Americans will eventually support the parties that cause most of the consequences, first of all, financial debt and war.
This will be a waste of time for another 4 or 8 years.
Really sad!
Sometimes democracy is a trouble, and a benevolent dictatorship is better!
Because they are too interested in special interests.
They can\'t eat cake or cake.
The tea party is not the answer.
It would be good if voters had representation rather than representation. No leadership.
It is the president\'s job to show strong leadership.
If the president leads the party, he doesn\'t seem to have any advantage.
Just speaking and speaking can\'t replace the true God-givenability.
Hi Jack, I think the rules of the Senate are the main reason why it is almost impossible for Washington to avoid the deadlock.
As long as the Senate needs more than 60 votes to pass any bill, the deadlock can be guaranteed.
The record shows that lobbyists will fund enough politicians in both parties, and their interests are guaranteed as a result.
If we really want Washington to do something, we need to adopt a simple \"majority\" rule in the Senate.
Of course, I doubt this will happen, so from now on, I\'m afraid our politics will remain the same.
Best of all, Joseph Brooklyn, New York Jack, there\'s so much crap, crap, crap. Over-
Analyzing details is a waste of time.
The longer Washington considers things, the longer the rest of us invest in our selective memory.
At the beginning of the election, we had forgotten how little our elected officials had achieved, so we re-elected them. After we (re)
As we have seen with this government over the past year, to elect them, we look forward to immediate satisfaction.
Pay attention to how loud the POTUS de vandals are screaming.
President Obama never said there would be a change overnight.
He has stressed since election day that it takes time and effort.
If all the crap, the crap, Blahers just shut up and listen-or better-to help-seek change, maybe something will be done faster.
Too many of the officials we elected were for too many special interests.
We have a government that only serves professionals for money.
The term limit is the only answer, but as it is now allowed to \"contribute\" to the campaign, elected officials will eventually be acquired before taking office.
Jack, there has been so much hatred between the two parties these days that no one can agree with the other.
If someone is willing to work together, they will be criticized and despised by their own political parties for doing so.
If that\'s not bad enough, then you need to deal with all the lobbyists and special interests.
When you have such a working atmosphere and try to solve many of our problems, it is almost impossible to finish.
Because everyone is worried about their career.
Money from the company.
The Supreme Court has just ruled that property can be consumed free of charge. . . er, speech. . . rights.
Jack the Democrat. sad to say)
No backbone.
Republicans have a pillar and a word \"no \".
No, any idea of democracy.
No, to meet any democratic needs.
On top of that, they do say \"A big hell yes\" to their \"in\" friends \".
Their powerful friends, those who worship and believe in all the powerful dollar power, and of course those who go shopping in Paris.
Jack, the interests of the people are second only to those of lawmakers who want to pay for themselves.
This is the creed of Gordon Gico Washington politicians: greed is good. The premise of this issue is misleading.
Congress seems to have done a lot of work for Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma and weapons makers in little or no time at all. Imagine that!
Too many old faces and corruption have given us a good government.
I think of the words irresponsible, conceited, greedy, manipulating and controlling.
Jack, I have answered this question in many ways.
So I will keep it short and simple this time.
A: It\'s always about re-election. I\'m me. I\'m me. it\'s never about the \"forever\" of the people \".
It\'s all about doing what the lobby says and doing too much selfish self.
The Reagan administration started all this.
The first is the drug and then they realize that it can solve all the problems. . . . . . JUST SAY NO ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Washington, DC is a struggle because life is expensive after Reagan. . .
When I came to the US from PR in 1978, the US machine store paid a mechanic $8. 75 and $11.
Year 00 may be a very good mechanic. . .
I said $15 at company X. 00 Hr.
This spectacular man has a house, a new car from Bran, a vacation tour and some savings.
Because we had CNC machines but paid $10, we made it a little clearer.
Obama or mechanics from other governments can buy any house, any houseN.
Car, no travel holidays, no good savings.
We must sell our products in the United States.
So Obama or other executives are now the problem, and Washington, D. C. needs to put jobs back and lower the price of each product.
Why fight to accomplish anything? STRUGGLE?
Because President Obama is a \"untrustworthy good man\", he wants everyone in Washington to continue to work and do his job well, and he doesn\'t want to be a holy priest for a selfish and arrogant Republican obnoxious manWRIGHT!
\"But President Obama overestimated the ability of his own staff to act effectively with the entire Congress. A What? SO. .
President Obama is \"forced\" to act alone, and that\'s where he should go anyway!
\"There is nothing good to be punished!
\"It\'s not worth being a good person!
\"God\'s speed, President Obama, hell!
\"It\'s a Republican strategy, and it\'s easier to block than to compromise.
The mountain home IDBecause Democrats lack the backbone to stand out for the little guy at the end.
They talked about it but gave in every time.
Results: Republicans came in with their choir robes, tamboreens, and condemnation of boogey man, all of which were a very effective plan to stir up the same little ones.
Fear, ignorance and lack of education always seem to win in this country.
Bubba may hold his tea party, but does Bubba even read a book?
If we do not find a progressive leader for this country, a leader who can stare at shamans and CEOs, some other countries will need to take over the leadership of the world.
We will be busy playing with our beads and ringing the bell.
Obama may be our last chance and he\'s giving in.
Jack, when you encounter obstacles like John McCain\'s fragile spine, the \"Moose jelly spirit\" that covers the floor of the workplace, when you try to complete the necessary tasks, boehner, what can you expect?
It will only get worse in November. . . hide and watch.
Jack, very simple;
\"If you don\'t talk like me, act like me, think like me, you\'re a loser \".
\"AMERCA loves winners and hates losers \".
Everyone wants to win, so this is \"my way or highway \".
Neither side wants to admit the obvious, they don\'t know what they\'re doing, but damn, they definitely want to start over
Re-elected so they can do more.
The problem is that most of them do this again and again.
Layne A.
Antioch, Il. Simple, Jack.
Because the president is African-American.
The Republicans are racist.
So are the Blue Dog Democrats.
It\'s disgusting, but it\'s true.
I love the president, but his head hit a huge brick wall!
Shame of America!
Race, Religion and trillions of dollars on K Street.
Jack: given that the reverse side of CON is PRO, the reverse side of Congress is PROgress.
Dealing with professional politicians is so simple.
Because they care more about their paychecks.
Then they really solve the problem.
Some of the things they do are pork. the pork here is full of pork. Oh yes, don\'t forget that their raise is all they \'ve done, the inflated budget and the name of the post office is them!
Politicians who just want to keep their jobs and jobs.
Because in these two parties, ideology is more valuable than practice.
Because both parties are in the pockets of lobbyists, many of them are professional politicians who need to retire or be fired.
I think there should be a term limit for these people.
For the past 30 years, the two sides have been doing nothing but enriching their pockets with campaign funds from big oil, banks, and insurance companies.
It\'s time to clean up some Democrats and Republicans for the fall of 2010, and it\'s time for 2012.
President Obama can\'t change a corrupt Washington within a year, and that\'s exactly what they \'ve been doing for decades. That is simple.
The provisions of the Senate mean that we do not live in a democratic republic.
Individual senators are allowed to block action on nominations to fill government positions-sometimes bargaining (
As Senator Shelby did)
Sometimes pushing an agenda (
Just as Senator DeMint blocked the TSA nomination from bargaining.
Trade union concessions).
Moreover, a small number of people were able to prevent a vote on legislation passed by a clear majority. These anti-
In the past, the rules of the Democratic Senate have rarely been used, but they have been abused by Republican senators since the 2006 election.
The Constitution does not recognize these acts of abuse of power-those acts are the result of the rules of the Senate, which consider senators to be those who ultimately believe in democratic goodwill.
Unfortunately, the current Republican Party is not made up of such people.
Because Washington is full of stubborn nitpicking, they are clearly reluctant to work hard for the greater good.
They would rather exist in the dilemma of their own creation than consider change.
Because doing business in the country means doing business in the country.
All these people spend all their time preparing for the next election.
They don\'t have time to do anything else. . .
Except for pointing at each other because they don\'t do anything! ! !
Rob of Clayton ench Jack, with the Supreme Court\'s latest ruling on the company\'s contribution, the issue will only get worse.
I recently found an article written by Supreet Minhas in the January 31 Columbia bystanders, read it, the logic it discusses is far more true than the reasoning put forward by Justice Kennedy
Surprisingly, Minhas is just a junior at a university.
The article is \"companies are not people, money is not freedom of speech\" and I hope Congress has the incentive to come up with a constitutional amendment to suppress this terrible decision.
Go ahead and do a good job, Republicans will say \"No!
\"Tax cuts for employment and business.
This shows that they will shoot Obama during the conversation.
Why is the problem on the onw screen different from the one on the first screen?
Anyway, what exactly do you want to ask?
About approving ratings, or about the total inability of Congress to do anything constructive?
Washington is based on the premise that if I get that person, then I win.
So the battle started.
Republicans have publicly stated that they will not vote for anything Obama wants, which is childish, immature and very reckless.
The Dem statement that they will pass the bill without Republican support is absurd, reckless and immature.
It\'s like Christians throwing gladiators at Lions and watching them die.
If our government has been focused on working for the people rather than building a \"catch\" game, we will always be suspended in this dead zone.
To be honest, I think our government is too corrupt right now, and we need to take action to remove all the law makers who have been more than 5 years old, elect new ones, people without pollution and strongly support the time limit.
The time limit will be of immeasurable help.
MariaBrunswick, MDJack, yes!
Should be less than zero. Why?
Party politics, special interests, lobbyists, greed, self
Absorption, corruption and incompetence.
These are just a few of their features.
I believe our founding fathers have turned over in their graves a long time ago.
I don\'t blame them.
I\'m disgusted myself.
Joe M (Brainerd, Mn)
Because of our two-party Jack, our government has been reported and criticized for some kind of sporting event!
I think the next time I hear these words from a plush shirt, for the benefit of the person I\'m going to vomit!
For the benefit of the people (
What would put more money in my pocket)
I will believe what others say this time.
Washington is too corrupt, only a fool (us)
I can believe that such a system can bring benefits to the United States.
Dave from NH Peterborough
Yes, I think the 10% rating is correct.
This must be the biggest congress I can remember doing anything in sixty-eight years.
They should stay at home if the situation is worse. No.
Congress is empowered by our people: through health care!
So far, thanks to \"blue\"
Dogs \"and big obstruction parties, Americans still die because they don\'t have health care!
To my shock, some Americans are worried about terrorist attacks, not the health of their neighbors!
You are lucky if you have health care, and even so, you are only one health care crisis away from bankruptcy! Jack. . . I think sooo ? Hi Jack –No . . .
Seems right to me.
Look at it in different ways. . .
It says only one out of 5 people.
Voters like our members of Congress.
No wonder senior members are nervous. . .
Only a small number of people want to see the same face.
I like the \"low\" numbers.
It says the United States has had enough.
The change we can believe is the change of the old guard, and more specifically, the change of the leader.
Jack, the number is obviously too low. Look at the re-election rate.
I don\'t know who was investigated, but they don\'t represent voters in this country.
Jack, if people are talking about their own members of Congress, that number is too low.
The reality is that, with the privacy of polling stations, voters re-elect their delegates at very high rates, because everyone blames the problem on the rest of Congress.
Americans, look in the mirror.
As Pogo, the old comedian stip character, once said, \"We met the enemy and he was us. . . . .
\"The elected Congress has already said and still won.
This is what you get in a democratic country. do citizens run a circus from a monkey cage?
Why even benefit Congress from doubt at this point.
They should not get the benefit of rating.
Have we lost the power to step down these political sluslu? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? .
Maybe we need a new party in our new era.
The 2 we have are too embedded, too bad! ! !
No, not too high. . . .
I was surprised at its 18%.
Congress stopped listening to voters there long ago, until we went back to Congress, elected by voters there, and no longer listened to big business.
American voters do have a chance.
It\'s on both sides, not just one side.
Can only go up!
I think 18% is correct.
Half of us don\'t even know we have Congress and the other half are illegal immigrants.
Every time we throw the tramp out, we choose a new group of homeless people.
Congress is like marriage. . . . . .
We get along about 18% of the time.
No, not too high.
At least 18% of people are completely unaware.
I think Gallup\'s pole position is right.
Let\'s face it. Obama and Democrats have nowhere to go but to lag behind in policy, agenda and congressional spending.
Within 11 months, they proposed to double national debt and plan to do so again in the next 10 years.
Since George Washington, they have or plan to spend more than all presidents combined in just 11 months.
That\'s why their numbers are so bad that no one can blame them except for themselves.
There is no Bush or Republican Party this time, only the Democratic Party.
Perhaps after the mid-term elections, we all hope there will be some changes.
Wow, is it really that high?
If so, then it\'s 18% higher than it should be.
The sad reality is that no matter how low the support rate is, Congress can not care about their support rate.
They ignored our requests for action and gave us opportunities and opportunities almost at any time possible.
So why should they care about such trivial things as public opinion?
The JOBS Act, financial reform, health care reform and national security should be at the top of the 111 Congress.
The House passed this important legislation.
Timid People, however, speak out from both sides of their mouths, and I want to be re-elected, so I\'m not going to risk, and the Senate is a complete failure. . . . . . . .
Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are leading in everything.
This is the driving force of chaos and the driving force of progress.
At the very least, if the Senate passes some legislation for the president to sign, the American view of the governing body will change.
Alas, Jack, I can\'t see the courage in the Senate. . . . . . .
This house was torn down (of reps)big time.
Sarah needs to go home and raise her children so that liberal Blitzer doesn\'t have any extra exposure to insult American Republicans or independents because they find Sarah a little out of line.
Congress has less support than organized crime.
You know where you stand, at least for street cheaters.
Dennis St Claire DuffyUpper, Pa.
Yes, it\'s too high.
It does prove the old saying that some people have been fooled all the time.
I think there are about 18% people.
The answer to this question is very simple, and how high the polls must be before Congress wakes up.
We don\'t like it when our representative stands up and says \"the American people want it. WRONG. . .
We are not happy with the Republican party, threw you out and now go to a good place.
82 people attending the meeting said no to Congress.
Congress does not have any clue or care too much. Yes. . .
Yes, we do want to change. . .
Yes, we do want the rich/businesses in the US to pay the fare tax. . .
Yes, we do want banks to be regulated by the government. . .
Yes, we do want to change the way the government does business. . .
We do want to get our taxes back in the form of national health care.
We voted for those things. 04-
2008 and what I personally want is (
Drum, please)
Wages for all of our delegates were cut by 18% until they worked together for \"our people.
Jack, you have a typo.
This number should be 1. 8%. Oops. My typo, .
18% many members of Congress must have been asked their opinions in this vote.
There must be a mistake.
The support rate of 18% is too high. Absolutely.
In fact, Congress should, like the president, draft a bill that provides for an eight-year term limit and, therefore, it will overturn the Supreme Court\'s ruling, the ruling will allow straw man to influence the results of national and local elections.
ChrisBenson, AZ18 % sounds good.
That, after all, is their effectiveness.
All we have to do is dispose of the air.
Air conditioning on the Capital Hill.
See how effective Congress is when they go home in the summer . . . . . . .
We need to start sampling ratings without confidence.
If more than 5%, they will be deported, have no retirement, and have been banned for life from doing government-related work or any lobbying.
They stink.
\"0\" rating unless you allow negative evaluation.
There is no more lifelong politics, no more pension.
Limited time limit, wage limit, social security, no plane.
Let them remember that they work for us! ! !
No, sadly, the right wing makes the left afraid to do anything that can help all of us if they try to stand on the opposite side and say it\'s not good for America.
If the left is trying to create more jobs, the right is saying that it is not good to spend any TARP money to help small businesses create jobs.
If we try to create clean energy and get us out of foreign oil, they will say it\'s communist, socialist and-Capitalistic.
Whether Republicans are against anything that doesn\'t give all the tax benefits to the rich or give to companies that don\'t do anything to help us get rid of the monopoly of foreign oil.
That\'s why they \'ve been talking about nuclear power all the time, it\'s not very cost effective at £ 10 billion per plant, it takes us 10 years to go online, we can build wind power
Today, the cost of turbines and solar farms is only a fraction of the cost, so why wait!
The reference poll is too generous-
Congress deserves 0% of the vote.
They should be the managers of our country, but they have done nothing to protect the American dream.
In fact, all bubbles are created by politicians interfering with free business.
Don\'t thank you for anything!
Stevegee from phillyDavid, Anchorage, Alaska.
I think the 18% approval rate in Congress is too high.
I don\'t see one of the 5 people who might approve the work that Congress is doing.
All I see is the expansion of the two-party cooperation that has plagued the country for many years.
When our elected members of Congress and women voted simply \"no\" on a bill mainly written by senior members like Harry Reid, no wonder Republicans and independents are alienated from the process.
We need to reconsider seriously.
Look at this bill. maybe it\'s a serious re-enactment.
See how Congress works.
Your comments are pending review at 6: 04 P. M. on February 8, 2010.
Jack, the number is obviously too low. Look at the re-election rate.
I don\'t know who was investigated, but they don\'t represent voters in this country.
What JackPoliticians do for political reasons makes no sense to us ordinary people.
I don\'t know how to rate Congress because I don\'t understand why they are doing this.
There is so much demand in this country, but all we get is a set of Keystone Kop.
So it\'s 18% high to low I don\'t know what I think they are confused or selfish.
For anyone, the problem is always on the senator or representative of the other party.
This is the problem.
These are the problems.
This is why the term limit needs to be set.
Without term limits, you will get what we have today, Congress is not for the people, but for the narrow focus groups that pay for Congresselected.
While these groups should represent the people, they represent only their particular political views on a very narrow subject, ignoring the overall view of society.
This is how the ban is enacted, and we all know how good it is.
How do they work?
People will want to know that all secret trades and bribes are made in secret, and where are all the changes that we promise?
Yes, but only about 17%.
MarkOKC, good service, one year, give it time, Jack. ! ! !
Rick of PinkneyMi. .
The 18% approval you\'re talking about, isn\'t that approved by Congress every year when it votes for a raise for itself?
I think that if the Congess is only 18% approved, they should only receive 18% of their salary.
Until our Congress.
Republicans and Democrats
, Learn how to manage without corporate returns, and their ratings will never be low enough.
No, 18% is correct and they do some good things when it comes to the benefit of the rich and the company. . . . .
Now, if we can replace all of them in the next few elections, things will improve.
Box City, Missouri
No matter they of polls Digital how to in November of 2010 they all will be vote out!
The message from the American people to 100 senators and 435 members of the house is simple.
Knock out your resume and start packing!
What are they doing now, Jack? – YES!
Under the authority of the people, President Obama was removed from office.
He has been trying to deliver on his campaign promise and has the support of Republicans (and Democrat)
The repeller, intent on stopping the United States from getting what it voted.
I have to praise Republicans for doing so well in selling their confusion and direct lies about the \"consequences\" of the presidential agenda, who are excellent salespeople.
Unfortunately, they do not do the business of the people, they are taking the money of the company to maintain their generous profit margin, no matter how bad it is for \"our people.
\"Never too late. . .
Since when is it a waste of time to maximize research and basic work?
Obama\'s extra efforts to achieve his successful health care reform goals are commendable. Yep.
Like the traffic jam above.
Let\'s throw them out and start over!
That\'s how our system works? Is it not? . . .
Our founders created a systematic government that blends state and federal governments and is separated by departments and courts.
We have the freedom to lobby, protest, and more importantly, the system of checks and balances between branches. BUT!
As our parties become more extreme in their views, as our single member area (for voting)
Third party consultation. . .
Our Republic has become
Low response and efficiency.
This has directly created our bureaucratic legislature, but it still lacks governance.
Birmingham, al18 % is a gift.
Yes, their rating should be zero.
We urgently need to set deadlines and caps on the funds received (
Front or back door)from lobbiest.
If Congress does not pass the law to resolve this catastrophic Supreme Court ruling, then all of these laws should disappear as soon as possible.
It depends on which side of the fence you are on, Jack.
If you like to pay for agents that reduce their use --
Words and throw together ordinary high school semester papers
To achieve national policy, then you may think the Republican Party is doing its job.
Or, if you like to reward the performance of a bully who constantly destroys progress, then you may be a happy Dem.
In November, people\'s will be heard in the hustle and bustle of egoism. This ANTI-
Everything the government has to do to unlock the hell of this country.
O everyone knows they are slow for years. . .
Now that we understand why and some of the laws should be changed to adapt to this era of bashing, everyone thinks that everyone in Washington is a CROOKStart out of the age of lobbyists. . .
Take the money out of the photo. . . .
We know they have hands in their pockets. . .
They punched and kicked us. . . .
I saw people from insurance companies sitting next to members of Congress and following who ratings. . .
Before President Obama was sworn in, proganda machineFunny had never heard of such hatred against the government. . . . .
It is strange that this is not a lesson and the new law must begin. . . I don\'t agree. . . . Yes YES YES!
They all stink like dead skunk!
They care about themselves, not the office of the people of this great country that they run for, and that makes them ashamed. 18% of the population is stupid enough to think that there is any benefit and incompetence beyond the self spreading in Congress.
Actions that speak less and speak more may raise their rating to 20%.
Congress has sold Americans to big businesses for generations.
Stop allowing lobbyists, and maybe our Congress should respond to the needs of the American public, not the desire of the CEO, corporate bonuses, and kickbacks.
These companies have been rescued, they have become richer, and the public has lost more jobs or pay cuts.
It\'s time to save the middle class.
It\'s too high at about 17. 5%.
If I go to work and do nothing, I will not get 18% of the support rate. I get fired.
That\'s what they need to happen.
Our party politics is so ingrained.
They worry more about getting themselves back.
Than to do the right thing for our country.
They are reluctant to fight banks and companies because they want donations from these big donors.
They sold us out!
They deserve negative reviews! ! Yes Jack.
I think 18% is too high for a group that does nothing, and those who get paychecks from special interest groups ignore those who elect them.
It\'s a bunch of losers without courage.
18% high to incredible.
At least in the last four governments, it doesn\'t matter which party has a majority.
Apart from the irrelevant differences, our great nation is only constantly heading towards destruction.
This is too high for Republicans, and too high for any Democrat who is prepared for lobbyists and their corporate donors.
The company\'s control of public policy is the culprit, and news media will even Report Sarah Palin for ratings.
18% is too high in my opinion.
Why would anyone approve a Congress without any achievements?
We elect people in Congress to get things done and make sure our country is a good one. oiled machine.
None of these things have been completed.
Americans know Congress has been doing this for a long time and you can\'t blame citizens for being indifferent when voting.
I hate seeing political stagnation.
America used to make democracy look great.
Are we still setting this example? No.
When you consider that the morality of our Senate comes from someone who claims that the brothel owner has made him upright (
Harry Reid, Nevada)
No progress can be made in the current leadership. . . .
Clear the incumbent and let us sacrifice Democratic moral leaders for it. . . . NOW!
When it comes to the appropriate approval ratings of Congress, any cattle product that does not include overcharged cattle operated by citizens assigned to each elected official.
Whenever they can\'t hear the opinions of the people who elected them, they need to be encouraged.
I\'m sure there will be a lot of volunteers reminding members of Congress that they work for us.
RuthNCJack, 18% of Congress\'s approval rating is too low. members can stand on it and still need to look up under the snake.
However, when you see how naive they are about our lives, our health, and the actions of money, th
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