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ireland edged out by world champions australia in india

by:QY Precision      2019-10-31
Ireland 2-
In the first game of the hockey World Cup in Odisha, India, against the defending champion Australia.
Australia is the number one team in the world and the most popular team in the game, but Ireland has long played against them and fought back after falling behind early goals.
Blake Govers put Australia in the front in just 12 minutes and scored in a penalty shoot, and when David Hart was able to get the ball he couldn\'t stop it.
Only two minutes later, however, Ireland reached the level and the team scored well.
Sean Murari broke the deadlock and crossed two Australian defenders before passing for Shane o\'donojo with a beautiful reverse sweep.
O\'donojo still has a lot to do, but he kicked the ball off the first time he touched the ball, and the second time he hit the ball he scored more in Australia than Corey Weyer.
Ireland is halfway through.
After that goal, although Australia is under increasing pressure as the World Cup champions return the Green Machine to their own half.
It took Australia only three minutes to start again in the third quarter.
When they catch Ireland in the back, establish their lead.
Tim brand starts and then completes a flow counter
The offense moved from Kookaburras, and despite Harte saving his initial shot, the ball landed amicably on an Australian attacker who kicked the rebounds home.
Ireland had a hard time finding the answer after the second time behind, the defending champion managed the game well and passed the ball to Alexander Cox\'s side, who struggled to get out of half of their own.
O\'Donoghue, the most menacing attacker of the Green Machine, looks isolated in front of him and it\'s hard for Ireland to get his support fast enough.
Goalkeeper Hart was taken away in two minutes and Paul geghhorn took over because Ireland broke his spot but they couldn\'t give him a chance to be late.
Cox said: \"Our players put their bodies on the line of the results of the game today, and we have always known that this will be a physical game against the world\'s number one team.
\"It\'s not the result we want, but I\'m very proud of the whole team and we go all out until the final whistle rings.
\"China, Ireland\'s next opponent on Tuesday (1. 30pm Irish)
, Caused a shock in the second Pool B game because they scored a late goal to ensure 2-
Draw with England.
England is fifth behind.
Minutes of goal, but when Mark ghehorn scored in the penalty shoot, they quickly returned to level.
Despite taking the lead, England did not lead until Liam Ansel scored in the fourth quarter.
But just as England seemed to have done enough for the victory, China equalised the score through dutalak in the last few seconds.
England\'s next game is against Australia on Tuesday. D Harte (captain)
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