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iran ‘launched major cyber attack on key uk organisations that saw thousands of people have mobile phone numbers stolen’

by:QY Precision      2019-09-09
Iranian hackers are said to be behind a major cyber attack on major British organizations that have stolen thousands of mobile phone numbers.
Tehran is now accused of a shocking wave of attacks before Christmas \"targeting key parts of the country\'s infrastructure.
Private sector companies, including banks, have been compromised in what is known as \"ongoing\" hacking.
Sky News learned that the post office and some local government networks were attacked in a timed attack on December 23.
The National Cyber Security Center said it was \"aware of the cyber events that affected some British organizations at the end of 2018 \".
It added that it \"works with victims and provides advice on mitigation measures \".
The personal information of thousands of post office employees was stolen, including the email address and mobile phone number of the chief executive Paula Vennes.
S. Cyber security experts say an organization linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard
Attacks on the parliamentary network on 2017.
Sky News reporters saw more than 10,000 pieces of data stolen from Parliament\'s global address list during the attack.
According to The Times, Russia was accused of being behind the House of Commons attack, but investigators then traced the source of the attack back to the Tehran regime.
Last month, we talked about how Iranian hackers have stepped up their destructive cyber attacks on the United States because of the fierce conflict between Donald Trump and the two countries. Dozens of high-
S. banks, businesses and government offices have reportedly been attacked by computer spies in recent weeks.
According to the cyber security company\'s record of the intelligence received by future researchers, the plan for such an attack may already be in progress.
They say the former Iranian government
Background hackers claim that more than 50 agents are now vying for the government --
Cyber attack.
\"Iran may respond quickly to destructive attacks against the United States, Europe and hostile countries (
Such as Saudi Arabia and Israel)
Enterprise, \"the report said.
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