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Intelligent fire inspection and CNC machining customization

by:QY Precision      2020-01-28
Just past the Ching Ming Festival, many employees of Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers have gone home to worship their ancestors. One thing that everyone will generally do--Set off firecrackers and burn money paper. This seemingly unrelated thing to the CNC precision machining industry is actually an opportunity for us to customize CNC machining. Due to many fire accidents caused by setting off firecrackers and burning money paper for ancestors in Qingming Festival, many hometown friends who do hardware parts processing have issued 'no burning orders', but relevant behaviors and phenomena still exist. In the face of repeated bans on hidden dangers, intelligent CNC precision machining products can help to do a clear fire prevention and early warning work, and the fire inspection drones customized by CNC processing are suitable! Because most of the Qingming Festival ancestors are in the mountain forest area, our CNC lathe processing friends generally do not worship in the city home, if there is a forest Mountain Fire, compared with traditional manpower or fire fighting equipment, intelligent CNC precision machining unmanned aerial vehicles have significant advantages in vision, efficiency, scope and cost. Therefore, for the precision mechanical parts processing colleagues who participated in the ancestor worship activities during the Qingming Festival, the CNC customized fire inspection drone is an air umbrella. Although the application of intelligent CNC precision machining is still limited due to CNC machining customization standards and other reasons, I believe that in the near future, in the sky of the Ching Ming Festival holiday, there will be more CNC machining customized drones. I believe that no matter how you choose, friends of precision mechanical parts processing will definitely have a bad time in this Qingming festival! Because in recent years, the emergence of more and more intelligent CNC machining customization technologies is increasing the scientific and technological elements of traditional festivals, the collision between new and old, the blending of culture and CNC precision machining are changing the original festival experience.
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