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Intelligent CNC precision mechanical parts machining makes work better--Shenzhen CNC machining factory

by:QY Precision      2020-01-29
Intelligent CNC precision machinery processing factory brings more and more good news. However, the development strategy and key direction of Intelligent Precision Machining in developed countries either take away the work that requires manpower or replace repetitive labor. In fact, our Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers should really change this idea. Due to the advancement of intelligent CNC parts processing technology, job opportunities have disappeared in various times, and now it is no exception. We need to re-recognize our values and skills every day. Intelligent CNC parts processing products-- Robots have superior intelligence in solving specific problems, but are in a state of zero development in emotional intelligence. That's why human beings will always remain unique and relevant in this world. More and more intelligent CNC parts processing products will become our friends, not enemies. At the other end of the sleep robot, it is a cleaning robot. They are all products of Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers. According to the prediction of CNC parts processing experts, it is estimated that the intelligent precision machining market in the household field will reach 1. 3 billion equipment by 2022. The fastest growing categories will be smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. By 2022, the number of smart speakers will grow at a rate of 39. 1% per year and is expected to reach 0. 2305 billion devices. CNC parts processing experts emphasized that the main progress of CNC parts processing plants in the field of practical robots and smart homes deserves the attention of Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers. In daily life, the efficiency and personalization of intelligent CNC parts processing products are significantly improved. With the automatic coordination of household chores by intelligent CNC precision machining equipment, daily life will become more efficient, and more considerate smart home equipment will have a better feeling of consumers' preferences and patterns. Smart home 2. 0 will be formed in Shenzhen CNC machining factory in 2019, when there will be more well-thought-out Internet of Things equipment, which can be based on a deeper understanding of the environment and user preferences, complete and coordinate tasks automatically.
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