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Integration of information technology is the general trend of CNC machining customization

by:QY Precision      2020-01-07
In order to make new progress in the transformation and upgrading of CNC machining customization industry, it is obviously not realistic to rely solely on tax reduction and fee reduction to make new breakthroughs in the development of CNC machining customization factory, more importantly, work hard on CNC machining customization technology. Nowadays, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other information technologies are increasingly widely used. For CNC precision parts processing, it is the general trend to integrate information technology and realize intelligent upgrading. On the one hand, with the continuous advancement of the 'Internet', whether it is CNC machining manufacturing, or other industries such as agriculture and service industry, it is accelerating the integration with the Internet, CNC machining custom factory 'touch the net' is becoming more and more frequent, and the construction of smart factories and industrial internet continues. In this context, Internet companies and digital economy have gradually become a strong support for the development of CNC machining customization industry. On the other hand, the accelerated rise of artificial intelligence and the unstoppable trend of commercial application have had a great impact on the transformation and upgrading of many fields, including CNC machining customization manufacturing, it has become a new momentum for the CNC machining industry to get out of the predicament and achieve high-quality development. Artificial intelligence enables CNC machining customization industry, which can promote CNC machining customization factory to realize intelligence in management, research and development, production, quality inspection, service, sales and other aspects, so as to reduce related cost investment, and improve efficiency and efficiency. To sum up, the tax reduction and fee reduction package released in the 2019 government work report will bring some help to reduce the operating pressure of CNC machining customization plants, but if you want to really get out of the predicament or go further, it still depends on the upgrade of CNC machining customization technology. Knowing how to persist in innovation, forge ahead, and change, CNC machining manufacturers will gain more opportunities and win more possibilities.
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