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inside the think tank where ikea\'s most innovative ideas are born

by:QY Precision      2019-09-01
Earlier this year, Ikea made headlines for something completely unrelated to the apartment
Bag furniture: meatballs (and hamburger)
Made of insects.
Yes, everyone\'s favorite Swedish furniture giant is trying experimental food.
How did they get there?
It turns out that the origin story of the bug burger didn\'t start with your local Ikea kitchen --
Even at the brand headquarters in Sweden.
Its concept begins (
Name of coincidence)
The meat packing area in Copenhagen, a redesigned industrial area, now has several trendy restaurants and creative studios including space 10
Known as the \"Future Life Lab\", Ikea funds for future research and testingThinking design.
Earlier this month, on an unusually warm day in Copenhagen, ad pro visited the facility from co-founder and director of communications, Simon Casperson, he created the path of space 10 with a wide indication of his lab-
Methods of research and design.
As a former documentary producer, he was working on a film about Palestinian women when he met with former Ikea Group CEO torbjo through contact with the multi-disciplinary creative group he belonged
\"I found out Ikea is about sustainability, women empowerment, and I\'m doing a lot of things and they\'re not really marketing it,\" Caspersen recalls . \".
\"I don\'t want to make more products.
They have values;
They are privately owned. driven.
Let\'s see, I think, how this vision can be applied further to other needs.
\"So, Caseman and Kara Camilla Hjort (
Director space10\'s)
Löf has come up with the idea of the future life Lab, which will explore global challenges and work on design
Drive solution.
Proof of Ikea\'s opening --
Determination and commitment to move forward
The Company believes that research is feasible.
On 2015, Hjort and Caspersen formally established space 10-with Kaave Pour and guillaum Charny-Brunet.
\"We don\'t belong to Ikea, but we have a common mission,\" explains Caspersen . \".
\"We designed for many --
Solutions to empower people on a larger scale than some other companies catering to 1%.
\"So far, they have focused on issues ranging from sustainable food to community life,the-
Time technology (
Space10 leads the development of Apple\'s ARKit Yijia Plaza app.
It seems difficult to believe that the city location of the laboratory will bring about such a wide range of developments, but Space10 contains a lot in its modest facilities.
The ground floor of the building has a frequent spin display of the latest Ikea furniture --
It is a venue for many events and group discussions and 10 hosts ideas and innovators in other areas.
The staff downstairs (
Consists of a set of rotating freelancers to ensure that the employee is an expert on the project at hand for any given period)
Test new building materials and design principles.
On the day of our visit, Space10 is using a CNC machine, a device based on pattern-cutting furniture that offers the possibility to \"print\" designs anywhere.
\"We didn\'t look into these products, but we were interested in the system,\" Caspersen said . \".
\"Can Ikea produce furniture locally with such manufacturers?
We can sell data instead of producing 10,000 chairs and shipping them all over the world?
\"The team is also investigating small-
Scaling the CNC machine, by allowing any individual print design with the required materials, this will take the concept a step further.
\"This is all about Democratizing Design,\" Casperson said . \"
\"Anyone can access the same program as someone who designed a Tesla car or Nike shoes.
\"On a table in an adjacent room, the Kniterate weavers follow a similar principle to weave patterns through open programmingSOURCE platform.
Below the lobby is the \"farm\" where Space10 is trying water farming and aquaculture.
They are currently growing a wide variety of small green vegetables, some of which are sold to local restaurants and have developed an open-ended vegetable
Last year, after they provided their CNC program online for free, the download volume of the source water ploughing \"growth room\" reached 30,000 times.
These experiments have enabled Ikea to invest in several aviation farms and provide the following services
Home grow kit sold last year.
\"In fact, Ikea has a scale that has an impact on a global scale, and caspersen says that when he turns from the farm into a stair well, the stair well passes to the office on the second floor of his team.
This is an unconventional setting that encourages thinking outside the box;
In fact, the infamous bug burger may just be the best example of this multi-track process.
To save water, Space10 originally intended to redesign the shower head.
When they read that it took 2,400 liters of water to make a burger, they realized that they might have come from the wrong angle.
So they turned to the world of cooking.
Now, in addition to insect food, the chef of space10 is also developing food made from spirulina, which was once considered by the United Nations as an ideal food for human beings.
Strong adaptability
Spirulina is rich in nutrients, twice as much protein as meat, and is actually grown with carbon dioxide, a sustainable superhero.
Besides the food, what\'s next?
\"We look at how the world has changed, and a large part of it is now urban life,\" Caspersen said . \".
\"Cities like New York, London and Tokyo are almost too expensive to live in.
They are not big enough: to accommodate our global population, we need to build a city as big as New York every second in the next five years.
\"So public life is a big focus --
Both in terms of design and lifestyle.
\"We are very concerned about loneliness because it is an important factor in the city,\" Caspersen said . \". Another hot-button issue?
Technology, especially at home.
A study was recently completed
Will you say human? \"—
Explore the relationship with sound
Activate technology.
\"With these devices, you don\'t have a visual interface or a graphic design,\" Caspersen said . \".
\"How did you design it?
\"This study touches on some ethical issues related to technology;
Monitoring is the most talked about, but there are other bubbles under the surface.
For example, as Caspersen would like to know, \"How will this affect society when we are used to casting orders around these obedient women?
\"Space10 conducted a survey of emerging technologies in which they asked residents in 143 countries if they preferred men, women or gender --neutral voice-
Control system. Forty-
3% of the responses were gender issues. neutral.
\"Who designed most of these devices?
\"Asked Caspersen.
\"White privilege?
Technology is the social structure of our lives, so we need to know who is controlling its behavior.
\"Transforming the technology, food, and design industries is certainly not a trivial matter, but Space10 has proven that it can do a lot in a storefront in Copenhagen.
At Ikea, they are also ideal partners to bring these concepts to the mass market --
Even if the market may not be ready for their ideas.
\"We\'re conceptually looking at what Ikea might look like in the next 10, 20 years,\" explains Caspersen . \".
\"We want to challenge Ikea;
They tell us that the day we no longer challenge them is the day they no longer need us.
\"More info from ad pro: Does Instagram make the design presentation better?
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