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inside the creative maker spaces proving china can do more than manufacture

by:QY Precision      2019-09-10
On a cloudy morning in Shenzhen, China, 50-year-
In sandals, shorts and black backpacks, the old Dutchman hunk Werner arrives at Artop Group, a design and manufacturing company, via a light taxi.
After crossing a small bridge on the koi pond in the lobby, Werner read the product carefully throughout the compound in Artop: rice maker, camera, bamboo keyboard, smart pen, hearing aid everything: 3D toy printer, 3D chocolate manufacturer, your name.
A conversation caught his attention: an Artop employee told a dancing robot panda \"w\"\"I have a cold \").
The panda responded, \"I know \"(
\"You should see a doctor \")
, And then display the nearby options on its interactive screen.
The beautiful font on the IPhone 7 says \"Apple designed in California \".
Assembled in China.
\"Traditionally, how consumer electronics are made-and more often than not.
The era of design and manufacturing in other parts of China has passed.
It\'s all happening here now.
Werner, who runs trouble maker makerspace, is exploring a partnership with Artop. In non-mother-
They discuss the trend of manufacturers in English.
Lai o\'lai, innovation director at Artop, said that because of the close relationship with suppliers, design and manufacturing are carried out simultaneously in China, rather than in sequence. “In the U. K.
\"People have this idea, but they don\'t know how to make it,\" he told Digital Trends . \".
Design is more like finished product because Chinese have manufacturing experience.
But China\'s manufacturing industry is changing.
\"Because everyone wants personal products, many mass-production companies are in trouble,\" Lai said . \".
Digital Bateman/Digital trendstroblemaker and Artop offer similar services but on a different scale.
Founded 18 years ago, Artop Group has more than 1,000 employees to fund inventors.
Troublemaker launched last year without any paid staff or funding projects.
Jeffrey Zhu, general manager of Artop, said with a smile in Mandarin, \"you have a designer. We have 200.
However, the two companies can work together.
Following the development of the prototype by troubmaker, the inventor needs the resources provided by Artop-financing, expertise, product certification and distribution connections.
However, there is a price for these services.
Werner pressed them with manufacturing costs and lead time.
He also raised the question of trust.
\"Not everyone has a positive experience working in China,\" he said . \"
Prevent Plagiarism-long-term problems in Chinese enterprises
Product designers outsource different processes and parts to multiple manufacturers.
Werner stressed
Disclosure agreement.
He told Artop bluntly, \"people put years of life into the product and they have no power to stop you if you do something wrong.
\"Werner often meets programmers, engineers, angel investors, venture capitalists, investment bankers and parts suppliers.
However, this is not always productive.
\"Meetings like this take half a day, maybe more, and if there is one, you don\'t know what you get from it,\" he said . \".
This is gratifying, though.
\"I work a lot, but I don\'t feel like working 90% of the time because I like working,\" he said . \".
He left Artop for a lunch, recruitment, career counseling.
Trouble-maker customers \"have ideas, passion, but not money,\" said Werner \".
A customer is perfecting a wheelbarrow.
\"The guy woke up in a wheelbarrow between his feet and took it to bed.
Ride one every day.
In China, no one else will do what he wants, \"Werner said of the inventor who needs money and business advice.
Troublemaker is located in the heart of Huaqiang North Road, famous for its electronics and parts.
Shared floors of the company-
Meeting Room, coffee shop/café with football, and outdoor terrace
Decoration of the year
There are signs, trees, wreaths and artificial gifts of \"Merry Christmas\" around.
Troublemaker offers desks and workshops with manual tools, 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutting machines, vacuum laminating machines, welders and miniature assembly lines. A half-
Electronic engineer, industrial designer, structural designer, software engineer
Web developer for automotive engineers-single point of service.
The Henk WernerClient protocol ranges from daily to monthly.
Profit is secondary without the application process.
\"I\'m not that commercial,\" said Werner . \"
\"Everything starts with improving the lives of the people involved.
Customers mainly develop hardware projects such as educational robots
Ear audio devices, diaper sensors for incontinue patients, and even bowling transmitters for children and disabled people.
They come from Australia, China, Europe, South Korea, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom.
Most people are in their 30 s, but not all.
Speaking of a client, Kevin Norman, Werner said: \"I like this person.
70, but still trying to do something good for the world.
\"Before the interview, Norman was a self.
Describes the Colorado farm boy, smoking on an outdoor adventure.
\"I\'m a bad guy,\" he said . \"
Norman is designing a video course and an educational robot to teach children Python, a programming language.
In the 1980 s, Norman designed video games.
He moved to the field of educational science and made more than 2000 children in China.
Sports glasses, fluffy jeans and orange buttons
\"It\'s a very strange experience,\" Norman told Digital Trends.
I have never left the United States except Canada.
After retiring in 2014, Norman started the project.
\"I like to design things and build things,\" he said . \"
On the first day, he needed a 3D printer and joined the troublemakers.
He also appreciates what others think.
\"I need some interaction,\" he said . \"
In his 80 s, Silicon Valley was number one in the world, but today Shenzhen is the world\'s electronics center, Norman said.
Any part he needs, he will walk across the street to buy it.
\"This is what is happening,\" he said . \".
Government officials are making Shenzhen the \"Silicon Valley of the world\", Norman said \".
Citizens are also involved.
He also mentioned a local Innovator Fair where high turnout led to the closure of the nearest subway station.
\"You won\'t see thousands of people taking their children to the trade show in San Francisco.
Maybe you will get 100 in a football match, but you won\'t get it in a technical performance.
Six years ago, Werner of troubmaker came to China as chief consultant and purchasing agent.
\"I fell in love with people and food,\" he said . \".
Werner walked in the middle of an alley and didn\'t care about the oncoming motorcyclist. his adaptability or lack of attention to the surrounding environment are examples. Ahead, a mid-
A tattoo woman in her 20 s came out of the building.
Jiahui \"night\" tan lives in a 3-
Bedroom apartment with two roommates, three turtles, two cats, a dog and a hamster.
In her spacious bedroom, the free art teacher showed off recent projects-epoxy houses with LED lights, shells with miniature statues.
Troublemaker provides workshops to foster the creativity of children.
The first lesson is about robots.
Looking ahead, Werner hopes to cover wastewater treatment, renewable energy, interior agriculture and 3D printer design.
\"You need people with passion and creativity to do things.
\"A lot of people just don\'t do things,\" said Werner . \".
Teacher Tan lamented that he would memorize his lessons in China.
\"Students can\'t be creative and can\'t design sketches,\" she said . \".
In an ordinary restaurant with white walls and high ceilings, they discussed her future on rice, cabbage, spicy pork, herbal iced tea and watermelon.
They discussed the possibility of holding art classes in troublemakers.
However, like the morning meeting, nothing is finalized.
Werner has four children and has never had time to learn Mandarin.
A native speaker called.
Before handing the phone to tan, he thought she was a telemarketer.
It was from the police.
In China, foreigners must register the details of housing with the authorities.
Werner is a month overdue. It’s 2:30 pm.
By 5: 00 in the afternoon, he had to pass through a city with a great location.
Los Angeles is six times the size of Los Angeles, and there is a risk of being banned from leaving the country.
Werner does not seem to be moving.
After many reminders from Mr. Tan, he admitted this and set off immediately.
Although it takes only five minutes to register, it takes three hours to travel.
\"I should make time for these things,\" he said . \".
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