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Inside Facebook\'s crazy new hardware lab

by:QY Precision      2019-10-19
This is where you might want to find a top secret government agency that tests alien life forms.
It\'s actually a room in Area 404, a new 22,000-square-
The foot hardware lab is a wonderland of Facebook\'s toy prototype (FB)
Mechanical engineer.
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There are large CNC machines, 3D printers and large waterjet propulsion machines that can cut virtually any material precisely.
Engineers from various Facebook departments can come here to design, build and test prototypes such as server racks or specialized tools for Facebook\'s Aquila drone group.
If a prototype hardware is not working, the engineer can take it to the failure analysis lab.
There they can make a post
Autopsy was performed using a CT scanner, an MRI machine, a scanning electron microscope, or a radio frequency chamber.
Jay Parikh, head of engineering and infrastructure at Facebook, said: \"We are here to try to bring together all the teams across the company to work on interesting new projects . \", At a press conference on Tuesday
This is not Facebook\'s first foray into hardware.
It may be known for its websites and applications, but the company has been building physical objects since it started making custom equipment for its first data center in 2009.
The hardware is also in its 10-
CEO Mark Zuckerberg previewed the plan at the F8 developer conference on April.
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Oculus is busy with virtual reality and augmented reality goggles and devices.
It will keep the main lab in Seattle, but it will also use Area 404.
Facebook made Surround 360-
Take the degree camera of VR lens and turn on-
Source of design.
Most projects are things that consumers will never reach.
Facebook is building drones, satellites with lasers, telecom infrastructure and Earth-part of its mission to provide Internet access to people who are Currently offline
Like the Terragraph project, bind the hardware to increase the coverage.
Then there is the mysterious Building 8, and Facebook recently announced a hardware development lab hosted by former DARPA and Google executive Regina Dugan.
Facebook says Building 8 is currently recruiting staff and will be in Area 404, but may also have its own cool machines.
The existing laboratories will be retained by other departments, but area 404 is a place where collaboration is concentrated.
Unlike software, making things out of plastic or sheet metal is hard to do remotely for many people.
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The table is almost empty and everything looks brand new until the shiny floor.
In the past, Facebook\'s office space was fixed, but for the past nine months, Facebook has been renovating the office to support extremely heavy equipment.
The ground is three.
Reinforced concrete feet on 100 top of the tower.
The company will not say how much the project cost.
Soon the machines will come to life and Facebook will be able to make its own prototypes instead of relying on external labs.
It will take a few days instead of weeks or months to create something new, and innovation will happen faster.
\"We are really trying to plan the future of this lab,\" said Spencer Burns, a CNC model maker who helped design the lab . \".
\"Who thought you would do that on Facebook?
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