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Innovations for Home Improvement: Taiwanese Hardware Brands Introduce Great Advancements at the 2019 NHS Taiwan Excellence

by:QY Precision      2019-09-20
Home improvement innovation: Taiwan hardware brand has made great progress in the 2019 NHS Taiwan Excellence Hall. how do you meet customers\' home improvement needs through style and safety?
Commercial Wireless Vegas--
In April 29, 2019, there were more than 1,900 exhibitors from the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Bureau nhs2009 (TAITRA)
Taiwan\'s most important trade promotion organization will introduce Taiwan\'s leading companies in the current hardware and tool trends.
The Taiwan Museum of excellence will feature 33 innovative products from 14 Taiwan Excellence Awards-
Win the company.
More than half of the products will emphasize the latest home improvement technology, especially in kitchen and bathroom decoration.
Taiwan Excellence marks the exquisite, innovative Taiwanese products selected and awarded by Taiwan experts and the Taiwan government on R & D, design, quality and marketing standards.
Exhibitors include Aiya, Yutong Gengxin, DOFAIR, FECA, FASTDRY, JUSTIME, king slide, KSS, lanther, sir.
Hose, Lei Dai, sloth, field
Ang Guang and I.
You can find the Taiwan museum of excellence at Booth 1420, central hall of the Tellas Vegas Convention Center.
Taiwan plays a key role in the supply chain of the global hand tool industry. Taiwanese hand-
Tool manufacturers take advantage of this integration with their leading IT certifications.
Taiwan ranks first in sockets and related components, sixth in manual tool exports, and third in global unit prices.
HOKWANG\'s founding partner has been working in the field of automated bathroom equipment for more than 20 years, constantly developing automated and comfortable bathroom hygiene equipment.
HOKWANG offers a full bathroom package to make the management of public restroom hygiene as simple as possiblequality HANDS-
Free hygiene.
EcoTap: Deck/wall mounted highspeed, motion-
Sensor clothes dryer.
This clothes dryer can be installed separately below-
Behind the deck or wall, only spoutaffixed fixed on the washbasin/wall.
This unique design provides a messy
Place the dryer unit next to the faucet to prevent dripping water and experience the free restroom.
In 1986, as a furniture hardware manufacturer, KING Slide is known for its advanced production design and integration of tools and machinery.
The company has become an international renowned ODM supplier of server track kits and green products on industrial tracks.
It is also a giant in Home Furniture Hardware.
King Slide is a certified supplier of many leading companies
Furniture, kitchen and home appliances.
SIMLEAD security drawer system with push-out, soft-
Closed and closed: this is the first drawer safety design in the world with vibration safety design (VSD)
, Keep the drawer closed when unexpected shaking or vibration occurs. The always-active push-
Open design allows drawers to be closed or partially-
Open position, close smoothly, no rebound. Its push-
The turn on function can also be disabled by simply flipping the ofa switch.
Sloki with 40 years of work experienceTec Co. , LTD.
Dedicated to high production-
Precision Metal CNC machine parts and an overall solution for CNC customization.
In 2012, the company launched the smallest torquescrewdriver \"slky\" on the market, initially designed for CNC cutters in machining, grinding, turn-milling parts.
Sloky can be easily customized to 0.
1 ~ 6Nm, small minimum order quantity.
Togo kit: Torque screwdriver: Best-selling multi-
Kit, equipped with 6 pcs of 25mm and 50mm bits on general purpose and straight handle, providing users-
Have good experience in machining, turning and milling CNC tools.
Shengtai copper Equipment Company (ST)
Established in 1976.
ST is committed to the design of sanitary ware products and has established its own brand Justime.
The brand has won many global awards such as Red Dot Design Award, iFDesign Award, Chicago excellent design award, German Federal Republic design award and IDEA award.
JUSTIME floor drain: the core design of the floor drain is to close and seal without water to prevent leakage of bugs and smells.
Floor drain design has 127-
Hole stainless steel filter, prevent blockage, keep the drainage smooth, extend the service life of the core.
Different finishing treatments make it easy to integrate the drain onto the floor
Create a beautiful bath space.
Visit the Taiwan Premier Pavilion @ NHS 2019 across the NHS 2019, and TAITRA will showcase Taiwan\'s best hardware and tool innovations at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Central Hall #1420.
Taiwan\'s Zhuo Yue team and their respective company representative will display their products in the fields of household products, DIY tools, outdoor life, etc.
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Regarding the Taiwan bureau of excellence/foreign trade, the symbol of excellence in Taiwan by MOEA and TAITRAThe was established by the Taiwan Department of Economic Affairs in 1992, followed by the launch of Taiwan\'s choice of excellence in the second year.
Choose different standards based on R & D, quality, design and marketing.
The product selected as the Taiwan Excellence Award will be an example of the domestic industry and will be promoted by the government in the international market to shape the creative image of Taiwanese enterprises.
This year is the \"27 th National Congress selection\". Taiwan\'s outstanding logo has become a well-known brand that Taiwan enterprises strive hard to win recognition and enjoys a high reputation in the world.
Please visit www.
Excellence in Taiwan.
More information.
Organizer: foreign trade bureau, Moya, Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Committee please visit www. moea. gov. tw and www. taitra. org.
For more information, tw.
View the source version on business wire.
Contact: TAITRAEva PengOffice: 886. 2. 2725. 5200 Ext.
1374 evapeng @ taitra. org.
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