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Innovate to get \'More from Less for Many\'

by:QY Precision      2019-08-30
Hundreds of students have gained a national platform through SRISTI\'s techpedia to showcase their talents. in.
Last week, hundreds of students and faculty from Parul Institute of Technology, LCIT Bhandu, Hasmukh Goswami Institute of Engineering, Government Polytechnic Surat and others provided a national platform to showcase their talents through SRISTI\'s techpedia. in.
Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Samir Brhamchari
President GTU and many other senior colleagues interacted with the students and appreciated their ideas.
Dr. Mashelkar has no better explanation for the pressure many people get more from less (MLM.
SRISTI also announced the social-useful innovation award that Dr. Mashelkar will deliver in March 1, 2012.
Entries from all over India are invited.
At last week\'s event, Shaikh sheadej showed the low
Price of portable solar cooker.
This project shows the analysis of this portable device.
Chavda Bhupendrakumar P, Gambhva Govindbhai B Suthar Sureshkumar R, Bihar Mahebilkhan M, Panchal Chiragbhai V, low design by Professor MK Modh
Cost CNC machine with three-axis motion for cutting design, milling, drilling and hole expansion.
Two turbochargers
Compared to the traditional two, wheels that use exhaust gas to rotate the blower and increase engine efficiency by 25% are also on display
Gasoline engine.
We appreciate this innovation very much.
A group of LPG refrigerators manufactured under the guidance of Professor AB Patel, led by Patel Birenkumar K and Patel Chintan D, attracted the attention of future groups.
They want to try this refrigerator in their food court.
The Bee Network is also very optimistic about creating markets for frugal innovation.
Just as the food will be cooked, the cold room where cake and candy are stored will automatically cool without extra energy.
Mithilesh, diploma drop ~
Out of the students, out of the water-
Two gasoline fuel kitswheelers.
In order to prove its claimed fuel, it is queuing up for proper testing
Efficiency advantage.
Use of recycled aggregate of old concrete, solid waste management in rural areas, industrial waste for the manufacture of paving blocks, replenishment of groundwater using rain water in residential areas, manufacture of FAL-
G brick using local materials, cathode-
Light protection, development of electricity in public areas and dance floors, automatic loading of intelligent train systems for goods and passengers and the heart
Other models of beat monitoring equipment are also on display.
Dr. DJ Shah, Professor Sheetal Shah and principal of the School of Engineering inspire students to design proof of concept of their ideas, many of which have been identified in industrial shoddy this summer.
It is worth noting that many students completed their final year project ahead of schedule and asked for additional credits for the second project agreed by GTU.
For a country where many students do not even take a project seriously, the situation has improved so much that they ask for a second project in the course;
Their level of motivation has changed completely.
One particular is due to all the teachers who have worked hard to make this change happen.
We now need to test whether policymakers want Gujarat to be a leader in (a) with the intention to file a patent by March 12 (a network of unpaid intellectual property lawyers already established through the Honey Bee Network, get a high degree of discount), (B) spread the idea of cultivating product development, starting a business and/Perhaps social communication with (c) open source technology for the greater benefit of the community.
Even large and medium-sized private sectors that benefit from so many national policies should take the dream of investing in young technology as their moral responsibilityinnovators.
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