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Ingrained in history: Showroom sells reclaimed wood from Canada and Europe

by:QY Precision      2019-10-22
The story of the barn arebuilt1870s East ofManotick, Arno Mockel. -
One board at a time. Co-
Manager of new gas & Bois (A&B)
The showroom at Mitch el Mickey Owens Road carries the wood of history
Recycled oak flooring found on the 18 th
The Castle of the European century and the old train cars were salvaged from the Canadian barn, passing through the stormy Woods and huge pine beams.
\"We like to tell stories in Europe.
People are interested to hear about Canada, \"said Mokel, 28, who moved from A & B headquarters in Belgium A year ago to Ottawa to oversee the reconstruction of the barn, and lots of green paneling, exterior and hand boards for country floors-
The warehouse is stocked with Huon Wood.
\"Now, we want to do the same thing here and share stories about Europe.
\"The company\'s first expansion is to divide the sublime showroom into four rooms, showing homeowners and architects how to use unique forests to build and decorate homes or businesses.
A & B also has its own range of handmade furniture, including sofas, tables, bar stools and headboards, as well as lights and mirrors.
\"We want to provide ideas for a different atmosphere.
That\'s why we set it up like this . . . . . . Show them the possibilities, \"said Mokel.
Grand opening of new 7,000-square-
Foot building is scheduled for February. 26 and 27.
In addition, A visit to the new mill next door will be made at the timber source of one of the largest recycling timber wholesalers in North America, working with A & B to import European forests and Canadian source barns.
\"Recycling wood is a growing business,\" said Phil pridell, owner of the timber source, who has been working with belgiumcompany for 13 years.
\"There are a few people who like something unique, so it\'s special when they hear the story of the van floor from Yugoslavia.
\"It was this character and the rich history that attracted Devin and Jennifer Anderson as they stopped to buy wood to transform the front foyer of their 1952 home.
The Manotick couple have two young children who want to create a special wall in a small space and add a hanger, storage rack and bench where they can sit down and pull their boots at home. “It’s mind-
Devin pointed to one of the 15 waterproof boards in his and his wife\'s hands and said, \"This is incredible . \"
Pick from the warehouse and complete their DIY project.
\"This is perfect for our rustic style.
\"About 15 years ago, former Paris stock broker Philippe Auboyneau founded Belgium a & Bin, importing North American barn wood to Europe and from all over Europe
\"We have very original products,\" said Margaux Auboyneau, daughter who moved to Ottawa about four months ago to help manage the new showroom and the development company\'s website.
The beauty of their forest lies in their decorative style.
From modern to rural
It can be installed in a variety of creative ways, she said.
Take the \"patchwork\" wall as an example, which features different barnwood colored strips, or by six-by-six-
An inch of wood brick glued to plywood.
What\'s more unique is the large round table built by Bordeaux.
Stained wine barrels retrieved from a cave in Romania.
\"We are big recyclers,\" Mokel said . \" He admitted that the wood recovered by A & B was rarely wasted.
\"We try to use everything.
\"Mitch pogère & Bois, 6178 Mickey Owens Road.
, Manotick days, 8: 30. m. to 5 p. m. ; Saturday, 9 a. m. to2 p. m. Closed Sundays. 613-425-1424;
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