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information you need to read on 3 axis

by:QY Precision      2019-08-31
Do you want 3 axes in your machine store?
Do you know what the 3 axis does? A 3-
Shaft finishing CAM module in half
Finishing, finishing and high-speed milling of 3D surfaces.
Read the rest of the article below for 3-axis would be. A 3-
Shaft finishing CAM module in half
Finishing, finishing and high-speed milling of 3D surfaces, including molding, profile, and corner picking.
It refers to the ability of the machine to perform motion such as 3 different axes at the same time.
In most CNC machining, manufacturers define their machine movements starting with 3 spindle X, Y and Z.
Z is parallel to the tool spindle and has deep motion capability.
X means horizontal movement and Y means vertical movement.
Usually, the angle of the head can only move up and down on the z axis.
Traditional milling techniques, such as end milling, slot milling, drilling, face milling, casing, chamfer, can also be used.
With this arrangement, the CNC machine tool can be completely 3-
Dimension space.
So with this type of CNC machining, you can turn the 3D design into a variety of products that you use on a daily basis.
CAD designs for chairs, tables, drawers and cabinets are perfect for three-
CNC machining of shaft.
You can also do 3D profile milling for milling dies and dies.
Three in general-
The shaft Machining application has a profile shape from a flat material, a carved surface, a hole feature, and a tapered or draft surface.
According to the brand used, there is CAM software that supports all types of knives
From graffiti to ball
The end, even the rim and the endmill cutters.
When installed, the system automatically recognizes the cut area limit and divides the components according to the topology standard.
The result will be a collision.
Capable of providing inspection NC procedures with the strictest standard quality.
Procedures used in parameter calculation of hematopoietic stem cells
High speed milling applications. With a 3-
Axis cnc machine, you can move your machine on 3 vertical axes, which is good for the 90% milling work you will encounter. With the 3-
Axis, you can complete multiple operations in a single part setting. Three-
Shaft milling enables you to perform casting or blanks-machined parts.
The latest version of this type of cnc machining minimizes air cutting because it can limit tool paths to inventory models, making it easier and faster to achieve efficient tool paths.
In addition, it is usually available for tools and pallet replacements for mass production.
Some cutting tools you can use with three
The shaft includes end milling, slot milling, ball nose knife, thread milling cutter, tap and drill bit.
In addition, in order to perform a wide range of machining operations, cutting tools such as drill holes, cutters, tee-slot cutters, slitting saws, matching knives and laser marking heads are also possible.
It is important to read all accompanying manuals when working with 3 axis CNC machining.
Pay special attention to the notes and checklists provided.
Take out the tools only when needed.
After use, make sure to return it to the location where it is stored normally.
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