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Infant Chic

by:QY Precision      2019-10-26
The nursery is rolling out a series of cribs, which are said to be unique in the history of crib design.
No one \"does this experiment with the materials and designs you see in the adult furniture world,\" said Matthew Gleeson, senior nursery designer.
\"We want to be the ones who push the limits.
As shown in the figure, the contour crib is $7,500, wrapped by a painted wood batten, cut by a CNC machine into ripple-like waves.
Halo, $6,900, decorated with a large square of 24karat-gold-Aluminium plated.
The highlight is $3,900, which can be reconfigured into an adult desk once a child has graduated to a regular bed.
Baby cots are on sale on Friday; 323-728-
8988 or nurseryworks. net.
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