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industry faces collapse as outages continue | coimbatore news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-10-13
COIMBATORE: Since the unstable power outage began to affect all activities in the western part of Tamil Nadu, the small and medium-sized industrial units of Coimbatore have shrouded a shadow.
The severe energy crisis has stalled manufacturing in most factories.
In this city alone, the unit suffered a loss of Rs 6.
As the workers are idle all day, the owner of the unit continues to pay wages.
The threat of rising electricity bills exacerbated the fire.
\"We have discussed this with the top honchos in the power sector.
They all say that more electricity will be generated until February and the situation will remain the same.
This is a very long period of uncertainty.
It is time for the government to take action and entrust the Koodankulam power plant, \"said Kandhaswami, president of the small industry association for the Coimbatore region (CODISIA).
M. Krishnan of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Trade in Coimbatore said that life in Coimbatore has stalled.
The shortage of electricity is affecting everyone because of the interlinkage of various fields.
The local economy is collapsing due to lack of energy, he said.
The unplanned power cuts bore the power industry.
Coimbatore not only faces three hours of announced power outages, but also several unannounced power outages a day.
Undeclared cuts are common even at night.
Govinda Raj said that in some areas, unannounced power outages began at five o\'clock A. M. in the morning and continued until noon, throwing away the schedule for the morning, chairman of the coimbatore Sidco association of industrial real estate manufacturers.
According to Coimbatore\'s estimates of small-scale industrial units, they are suffering a loss of 25% due to unstable cuts.
\"Although we asked for a change in the fixed cut schedule during the day, nothing was done.
This has affected most of the micro and small industries here, \"said Govindaraj.
Increasing power outages will only reduce production and cause losses to industrial units.
It will also be very difficult to meet the delivery schedule, which adds to the loss, \"he added.
J. James, chairman of Tamil Nadu cottage and small industry association, noted that due to sudden shutdown and damage to tools and shafts, unplanned power outages are causing huge losses to companies such as CNC machines (TACT).
We have to continue to pay our employees on an hourly basis, although they may not be able to work during downtime.
\"The shortage of manpower has caused more problems,\" he added . \".
Many industries borrow money from employees and if this continues the owners will have to close and look for jobs elsewhere.
However, senior officials at the Tamil Nadu Power Council insist that power outages will not affect the industry.
\"Despite the severe shortage of electricity, we have been maintaining the regular supply of electricity to the industry.
\"Additional power outages in the area will allow the grid to supply 200 MW, which will allow us to avoid unplanned power outages,\" the official said . \".
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