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In the precision mechanical parts processing market, Sony's hidden worries

by:QY Precision      2020-02-10
Entering 2019, losses, factory closure, layoffs, reduction of processing and operation costs of precision mechanical parts . . . . . . It is not difficult to find that Sony's processing factory in Beijing, which is mainly based on mobile phones, is getting deeper and deeper in the quagmire. We know that Japan's CNC lathe processing technology and products have always been well-known in the global market, and Sony is the most representative company. However, there has been a large-scale loss since the third quarter of last year. Sony's mobile communications sales revenue decreased to 137. 2 billion yen and its operating loss to 15. 5 billion yen year on year. In addition, according to Nikkei News, in order to greatly reduce the fixed cost of the intelligent precision mechanical parts processing department, by the end of fiscal year 2019 (At the end of March 2020) About 4000 employees of Sony Mobile phones will probably be cut in half. As early as the end of last October, Sony announced plans to reduce the operating cost of CNC machining customization of mobile phones to half of the 2020 fiscal year before the 2017 fiscal year. At the beginning of the year, Sony said it would keep its intelligent precision mechanical parts processing business so as to make timely changes in the future market changes. If Sony gives up its mobile business now, it is equivalent to giving up the future and will lose the opportunity to participate in the next change. From the future of intelligent CNC machining customization, Sony will not easily give up mobile phones. But this does not mean that Sony will be more concerned about CNC lathe processing, at best, just hope to save in the future and have the opportunity to counterattack. Unfortunately, at a time when the competition in the intelligent precision mechanical parts processing market is becoming more and more fierce, Sony's inaction determines that it will be 'swallowed up' by its competitors '. Even though Sony's mobile phone will still launch several new smart products step by step every year in the future, there is no spirit of intelligent CNC machining customization, but it is only surviving, silently watching the growth of China's intelligent processing industry.
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