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In-house drill sharpening ends out-of-control costs: for a gear manufacturer, precision hole drilling was a standard operation but produced costs that were \"out of control\". (Holemaking/Drilling/Boring/Tapping).

by:QY Precision      2019-10-18
When it comes to modernization, Dalton gear (Minneapolis (MN)
Go to the plate without hesitation.
Almost half the time.
Over the past century, the company has reinvested much of its revenue in high-tech equipment.
Manufacturing equipment.
Dalton gear is an ultra-modern CNC machining center consisting of manufacturing units. Its high-
Precision equipment can realize cutting, milling and finishing in the true sense.
A few parts per inch
In addition to its name, Dalton gear provides the manufacturer with expertise.
In addition to spiral, umbrella and worm gear, it also produces processing, inventory
Timing beltpulleys hole, taper lock and shear pin coupling on the right
Angle gear box and worm shaft-Installation and feet-
Deceleration device installed.
Dalton gear sells its products in the United States, Canada and Europe.
To improve their global competitive edge, DaltonGear analyzed their costs and found that they had purchased at least $13,000 of new drill bits from May 1999 to this year.
In addition, it is sending the drill bit for sharpening.
As is typical in many stores, no one is responsible for the drill bit, so the operator throws the dull bit into the basket and takes out the newly purchased bit from the stock.
According to Scott Holler, purchasing manager at daltongears, they \"experienced --of-
Control the cost \"until they buy a new XT3000 Xpandable tool winding machine from Darex (Ashland, OR).
Dalton gear found a pencil sharpener at 2002 International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (IMTS)
Debut in Chicago.
The basic XT3000 unit tip the standard BIT and split point bit from an angle of 1180 to 1500.
The XT3000 includes two anti-adjustment stainless steel chucks that can accommodate the entire bit range from 1/8 \"to 13/16.
Optional accessories to increase the range to 1-3/16\".
Dalton\'s staff can use this pencil sharpener to control the point configuration of the drill bit, including the relief and design of the points.
Optional Darex fixtures sharpen other cutting tools such as step bit, Brad point, 900 point, large bit, Weldon and single slot bit.
All sharpener adjustments and attachment changes can be completed without tools.
XT3000 use lock-and-
Pin system that ensures attachment security.
Solid metal design features steel and bearings
Rating bronze parts in all key locations.
Rolling bearings are used where wear may occur.
Tim Woods, president of Dalton equipment, said the Times had changed manufacturing.
\"Precision tools are becoming more and more common with the current trend and the continued demand of our customers for our strict tolerances.
He pointed out: \"The new pencil sharpener provides precision tools at a reasonable cost.
Darex model XT3000 Xpandable tool take-up can be used with achoice of CBN Borazon, recommended for high
Speed Steel and cobalt tools, or Diamond wheels recommended for carbide tools. Thesesuper-
The grinding wheel does not need to be trimmed, which helps to keep the area of the sand.
More than 90% of this pencil sharpener is closed, including the avacuum port where users can connect to the vacuum system to ensure normal operation.
Darex also sells two vacuum-
Power sand grain removal system used with pencil sharpener.
The powerful Emerson motor is a1/4 hp-
3450 rpm, rated speed when working continuously.
Now, Dalton gear goes through to like-new condition.
Scott Hall reported that the company recovered its initial expenses by grinding the dull pieces of dust collected over the years.
Before, when they sent bits
They are not always happy with the results.
Now they can control the results.
\"We have about two and a half plastic cases (
16 \"W x23\' l x 12\" H)
Full of dull exercises waiting to be sharpened.
We transformed a storage room in our store just to sharpen the drill bit with the work table and the shelf box used for sharpening the drill bit.
The type of drill bit used by Dalton gear is mainly the working length.
Size includes all letters, numbers, and scores.
The most commonly used is the 1180 drill tip configuration.
Re-shaping the drill bit on the XT3000 as per the job requirements.
Dalton gear runs a wide range of machines in its drilling operations, including CNC, Bridgeport Mills and drill press.
Its processing process includes, but is not limited to, drilling and tapping holes, Bolt rings and pin holes.
Materials include 1045 (mild steels)
, Alloy, brass, bronze (also Ampco 18)
, Aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and heat-treatedsteel.
It maintains strict hole sizes and tolerances, including in [+ or -]0. 001\".
Their usual tolerance is the industry standard.
XT3000 pencil sharpener is accurate;
Meet or exceed the national aerospace standards for lip height changes.
The frequency of sharpening depends on the material used.
When the drill is re-sharpened to its original configuration, the life of the drill is the same as the new one.
However, if this is strengthened, for example, drill an ordinary wholesaler to a high
Performance split point drill, the operator experience greatly improved the drill-life.
The DaltonGear staff said that the re-grinded drill bit is of the right size, sharp, and works the same way as the new drill bit.
The company noted that there was no problem using Darex sharpener.
The pencil sharpener is \"transparent\" in function \".
People intuitively understand how to operate it in a shopping environment.
The Xt3000 comes with an operating manual and a demo CD.
Dalton reducer operator can be customized-
Sharpen the drill bit by changing the angle or style of a particular job, pull out the sharpened drill bit from the stock of the sharpened, or entrust a person to sharpen as needed. Darex Corp. www. rsleads. com/305mn-
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