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imparting work skills

by:QY Precision      2019-09-04
On January, an expert committee of the university funding Committee (UGC)
Universities across the country are called on to promote the special funding proposed by the Commission.
When the results came out, eight universities in Tamil Nadu were selected to receive grants to build the knowledge upgrading and skilled people in the universityKaushal Kendras)—
Plan to provide students with skills and prepare them for employment.
Under the plan, the colleges will build infrastructure to carry out their careers
About 700 institutions were applied, 48 of which received funding.
I spoke to the principal of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya School of Arts and Sciences, Sri Lanka (Coimbatore)
Loyola College (Chennai), Dr.
NGP College of Arts and Sciences (Coimbatore)
College of SNS technology (Coimbatore)and the vice-
President of the Rural Institute of gandygram, Tamil Nadu (Gandhigram)
On the winning list.
Other colleges on the list
University of bharathidharma (Tiruchi)
Vivekanand College (Kanyakumari)
Sri Lankan Academy of women\'s arts and sciences (Coimbatore)—
Scored high in both aid and self
Financing category.
I asked them why they were you.
Why not? Joseph Antoni Sami, principal of Loyola College, retorted.
Their vocational education College has existed since 1996 and has had the following skills since 2000
The basic course of the last semester of the UG/PG course.
Students practice in semester 6 and receive 100-
Visit strange companies on campus every year.
\"Kendra\'s goal is in line with ours,\" said Jayabalakrishnan, Head of Mission Vidyalaya, Ramakrishna.
\"We have been teaching careers/skills --
Training began in 1951.
Skills infrastructure-
Training in different industries was created by the top industrial companies on our campus through MoUs.
\"This may help our choices,\" he explained . \". SNS-
Coimbatore is independent and certified by NAAC (‘A’-Grade)
There are NBA authorized programs (
Washington Agreement)– AICTE.
\"We are known for our research publications.
We work with NSQF training partners, industry skills Committee/industry to develop courses, syllabus, industry-
Training and placement, \"said Chenthur Pandian.
\"Availability of resources, selected subjects, records that meet the skills requirements of national skills development companies and ite departments --
Work of the Nasser Committee
\"The roster in banking and Analytics has given us funding,\" says Muthusamy P . \"
President of Dr. RajuNGP College.
\"We identify skills --
Gap and design our project and have skills
\"NSDC approved partners,\" he said . \". Dr.
NGP College offers a job
Account (reporting)
, Payroll, receivables/payments, tax, investment bank, ite process, DTP, market research, software development, CRM and analysis.
In their presentations, these colleges have placed special emphasis on the skills infrastructure on campus, linkages with industrial institutions for training/placement and aligning their courses with the National Skills Qualification FrameworkFor SNS, Dr.
Professor Chenthur Pandian and Tamil Selvam highlight the infrastructure they support pipeline, logistics and supply --
Chain Management trade course with project cost.
NGP presentations include tax/accounting/analysis programmes, as well as consistency of units with national vocational standards and national skills quality frameworks (NSQF).
Courses at Loyola College will prove to be a huge attraction, according to the KK program: 3D animation and digital news (Content Writing)
Drive to grade 12-
Through students and those who study UG courses in the college. First-
One year diploma course including mass
Media, news, digital news, ethics and networkinglaws; second-
Higher Diploma in digi-
Technology, Internet, Internet
Design and software/hardware. The degree-
The third certificate course-
A year on social media networks
How to be an intelligent digital user.
The animation module includes product design and interactive animation, architecture and VFX, as well as character animation and games.
New Delhi UGC grants Ramakrishna Mission a community University program that looks promising: One-
Advanced Diploma in construction/construction technology and CNC machine operation.
\"Mission of the Rural Institute of gandygram (GRI-
Established in 1956)
It is to bring higher education to the door of rural areas, focusing on skills development . \"Raja.
The first rural university in the country (NAAC ‘A’-Grade)
It has a track.
Organize records of academic/outreach programmes for rural development.
\"We have 50 teaching/research/promotion programs. It’s a 3-
Methods of specialized in biotechnology
Chemical/Social Sciences, animal husbandry, agriculture, health/health and public-
Health personnel training. Our 20-
One year of experience in career skills development will help us to upgrade with grants.
We will issue a diploma in assisted care, energy equipment operation/maintenance, agricultural equipment operation/maintenance, footwear/accessories design and retail management, \"vice-chancellor S. Natarajan.
The idea behind Kaushal Kendras is to improve higher education with skills
The ability of universities and colleges.
The focus is practical and practical.
In the training so that students have a good chance to be placed in a famous industrial place.
\"We believe this UGC plan will enable us to contribute to the national process --
Build by giving youth skills, \"said Joseph Antoni.
Through these Kendras, \"students will be given the skills relevant to the profession, the appropriate content of general education and the flexibility of pre-school education
\"Entrances and multiple outlets are defined,\" says Chenthur Pandian . \".
\"They will work.
Prepare at each exit point of the program.
Interestingly, the students have been discussing
Skills development based on MyGov. in.
\"The university should learn from knowledge --
Skills Center-
Said one student.
\"The Church should ensure that there is no non-
Young people with skills/unemployment in the area, \"start having skills --
Employment Exchanges among graduates.
\"The areas of advice include agriculture to self-defence.
\"Comprehensive initiatives are required to acquire knowledge and enhance skilled human capacity at universities and colleges.
To meet our economic and industrial needs, they should get the right jobs or become entrepreneurs, \"said Muthusamy Raju.
But it is not helpful to teach people these skills.
In the 21 st century, they need to have the spirit of innovation and expertise to catch up with other countries.
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