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iconic guitar builder loses his home and workshop to flames in paradise

by:QY Precision      2019-09-18
From the popular machinery industry, the houses that lost to the still fierce camp fire were the houses of legendary guitar maker Wayne chawille, who was fan Harun, ZZ Top and
Charvel, the inventor of the \"Super Guitar\" and a pioneer in after-sales guitar modifications, helped define the gorgeous look and powerful sound of the entire hard rock and metal era.
His shop is a tangible proof of his legacy, filled withof-a-
Guitar, Vintage Guitar and homemade guitar being made.
Now all is Ashes.
We interviewed Wayne\'s son Michael, who runs Wayne guitar with his father.
Michael\'s home was also burned by fire, and his twin brothers, sister and uncle\'s home was also burned.
Here is his description of the fire and its impact on the future of his family.
I woke up Thursday morning when it was dark and the house was full of smoke.
I know my house is going to be destroyed because when I walk out there is fire all over the place: my garage, my roof, my knees.
I know this place can\'t be in such a big fire.
I drove about 150 feet kilometers from my house to the street and when I drove out the traffic went crazy and people were freaking out.
I was scared for a few seconds and thought, \"Man, I\'m not going to leave here alive, I \'d better catch the bike. ’ I got an 18-
Speed, I started riding for about 20 seconds and the car on my left was on fire. Huge flames.
There was a huge tree on the other side of me on fire, and I felt a terrible heat on my face, and I was hit by the fire.
It\'s too hot for me to breathe.
I thought \'I wouldn\'t die riding a bike here,\' so I went back to my truck and waited for my turn to go out.
It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes from heaven to Chico.
It took me seven hours.
On my street alone, five people were killed in a car trying to escape.
There are only three roads to heaven, two of which are on fire, so everyone is trying to get out on one of the main roads there.
The whole family was communicating throughout the process.
The cell phone tower collapsed, so the phone was hit or lost a bit, but we were able to get through occasionally.
In any case, my dad hardly knows how to use the phone. He’s old.
We don\'t know where we\'re going. My brother-in-
The law is the fire captain, a friend of the sheriff, and as a result the sheriff likes van Harun, so he says, \"Oh, yes, Wayne Charville, no problem, I\'ll put you up
\"So he put my two brothers and my parents for a while, three or four days.
My sister\'s friends have a small place in Chico where they live.
So we\'re all walking around.
We don\'t want to impose it on anyone, everyone is very kind.
You don\'t believe how cool everyone is.
My parents were taken in by two completely new people.
We are really lucky to be overwhelmed by the kindness and love we get from everyone.
My friend and I live in Chico and then they start to evacuate the Chico where he lives.
My friend said we had to get out of here.
My other friend lives in Southern California, so I drove for ten hours.
Of course it was in a traffic jam in Los Angeles, so now I\'m in Southern California for five or six days until his brother comes back.
As soon as he comes back, we want to go somewhere else.
I don\'t know where we are going but I\'m sure it will be somewhere.
After our evacuation, my brother-in-law Fire Captain checked all of our places, including our workshop.
He said: \"I\'m sorry to tell you that there is nothing here. ’Gone.
My dad had a lot of years to make templates, fixtures, all the tools and custom parts and in less than a few hours everything was broken.
He has been making guitar since 1959.
The work of a lifetime was destroyed in a few hours.
He has a lot of antique tools.
One was the Bridgeport mill in the 1940 s.
That factory is a great tool for cutting the template and wiring the picker.
As a generalization, with retro tools, all of these things were built in the American era, when things were super heavy and the metal in the old machine was better.
The factory will last my life and the life of another person.
Nothing happens to it without fire.
Many new machines are now made in Taiwan and China, so the quality problem is very serious.
They are not as strong as old things.
You can then use a lot of custom neck profiles.
You can\'t get some custom tools back.
You can\'t just buy it.
My father made a lot of tools himself out of need.
If something you need is not there, you have to do it.
My father is one of those people who have good hands.
He built a house. he can build a car.
You told him to build a motorcycle and he would do it.
He has the talent to make things.
It is one thing to build a guitar;
Making Tools is another art, so you can make a guitar.
There are a lot of tools in this era, and you can\'t go somewhere to buy templates and fixtures.
You have to do it yourself so you can do the guitar.
He made his own pin router to cut the shape of the guitar.
We don\'t have CNC machines.
The CNC machine is great for big companies trying to make a lot of guitars because you can spit out six bodies at a time while I can send out one.
But there\'s something romantic and cool, it\'s old fashioned to use a pin router.
We don\'t want to do so many guitars.
Our goal is to make the best guitar with atmosphere and soul.
About 98% of the guitars we make are unique.
Any guitar we are making before the fire is over.
It\'s just that I don\'t know when.
We just need to start over and get those people\'s guitars for them.
I feel bad because I can\'t respond to people as quickly as I think, mainly because the Internet is hit or missed.
I want to tell people, thank you. we all love you.
We are trying to get back to you within a reasonable time.
I have a stable place five or six days, and who knows where I will be after that.
The good news is that we will all be alive and we are all healthy.
We are so lucky to be here.
I thought I couldn\'t get out.
We have to move on and eventually we will start running again.
To donate to the Charvel family when they need it, you can donate to their GoFundMe page or send money via PayPal at charvel @ sbcglobal. net (
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