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icici securities to offer factor-based portfolios

by:QY Precision      2019-09-15
Mumbai, July 13)
Securities brokerage firm ICICI Securities said today that it has decided to provide a factor-
Risk-based portfolio
Provide consulting services to its retail customers.
MSCI engaged in index construction and maintenance will provide and develop customized index based on factor strategy for ICICI Securities.
\"Stock advice portfolio services are designed to provide a structured way for our 4 million customers to build their portfolios and benefit from long-term stock investments, \"hilpaskumar, President and CEO of the bank\'s securities, told reporters.
\"Because the policy is well defined, rules-based and re-defined
\"Balance on a specific frequency and they provide retail customers with a more structured approach to stock investment,\" she added . \".
= Galaxy tajmac jv launches \"made in India\" CNC machine Mumbai: Galaxy
Czech ZPS launched a CNC machine tool made in India.
The company has realized the first CNC sliding frame lathe to be manufactured in the month-
12 axes under the government\'s \"Made in India\" initiative.
\"Through our technology transfer, we are committed to bringing innovative technologies to India, and now we are committed to producing high quality CNC products comparable to international standards in collaborative design, process and production of\" Galaxy\"
Indian director Michel tajiario said.
= Vertoz partners with GeoEdge
Vertoz promotes the campaign of advertisers to run display, mobile, video, and local channels across multiple devices such as desktop, TV, mobile and tablet computers on the publisher\'s list.
In response to a recent series of cyber attacks, the partnership will provide visibility and protect the interests of publishers and users, a statement said.
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