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Hurricane blame: Harvey & Irma \'punishment\' for Trump & gay mayor, internet says

by:QY Precision      2019-10-23
Hurricane Irma has killed at least 19 people in the Caribbean.
Within two weeks of Hurricane Harvey\'s departure from parts of Texas, especially Houston, it is preparing to hit Florida over the weekend --
Flood water level.
Read more: Hurricane Irma will destroy the US-FEMASome blames climate change for the reason behind-to-
It is also said that this is only a bad mood for Mother Nature.
However, it has been said that natural disasters are actually \"punishment \".
\"The first headline came in August, when Kenneth story, assistant sociology professor at Tampa University, said on Twitter that Texans should be hit by Hurricane Harvey, because they voted for Donald Trump in 2016 presidential election.
\"I don\'t believe in immediate karma, but it\'s a bit like it for Texas.
Hopefully this will help them realize that the Republicans don\'t care about them, \"said Twitter, which was later deleted.
Story-who was fired for emotional excitement-is not the only one who thinks Texas deserves Harvey\'s wrath, who killed at least 70 people in the state.
Houston\'s Harris County voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.
\"You all know Hurricane Harvey. is]
\"Texas is the worst federal state in the United States, right? \" the other person wrote on Twitter . \".
Even actress Jennifer Lawrence interjected that Mother Nature was a big blow to the United States because Donald Trump was elected president.
She told Channel 4 in the UK: \"You know you\'re watching these hurricanes right now, especially when promoting the film, don\'t feel the anger and anger of nature, \"after noting the\" surprising \"results of the presidential election.
However, some conservatives believe that Harvey attacked Texas because Annise Parker, the former mayor of Houston, was openly gay.
Houston\'s current mayor, Sylvester Turner, is African. American.
One of them was minister Kevin Swanson, who hosted an online radio show called \"generations.
Houston is guilty, according to Swanson, because it voted for a \"very, very positive pro\"
Gay Mayor
\"Unless Americans repent, unless Houston confesses, unless new Orleans confesses, they all die the same,\" he said on his radio show . \".
\"This is the message that the Lord Jesus Christ is sending home to the United States now.
Just a few days before his remarks, Christian radio celebrity Rick Wiles also accused Houston of making progress on issues such as homosexuality.
\"It\'s a city that boasts its love for gay, bisexual and transgender people, and its affinity for the American sexually abnormal movement.
They\'re underwater, \"he said.
Former child star Kirk Cameron, known for his conservative Christian views, made a video in which he quoted the Bible saying that God sent the weather for one of two reasons-\"to punish, or water his land and show his loyal love.
He said the hurricane was a spectacular display of God\'s great power.
This is by no means without reason when he shows his strength.
This is for a purpose. . .
This is not random.
While Cameron did not specifically mention any reason for the hurricane\'s attack on the United States, he said the weather \"will make us respond to God in humility, awe and repentance.
Meanwhile, conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who is no stranger to the controversy, says that while she doesn\'t believe Harvey will be in Houston (former)
This explanation is \"more credible than climate change \".
In response, one person tweeted to Kurt that Harvey was actually God\'s punishment for passing laws prohibiting abortion and homosexuality.
God loves all the peopleand you]
\"No one should be judged,\" he wrote . \".
Another source said Harvey was the result of Houston\'s acceptance of millionaire pastor Joel Osteen.
During Harvey, Osteen was strongly opposed for not opening the doors of his large church as a sanctuary, claiming that when photos on social media show other situations, the church was flooded
At the same time, others look beyond Texas, paying more attention to the national causes of Harvey and Irma\'s impact on the United States.
\"If I were not an atheist, I would think that Harvey and Irma are penalties for superior entities to withdraw from the Paris agreement,\" one Twitter user wrote . \".
Another person said the hurricane was Trump\'s punishment for the controversial travel ban on citizens of mainly Muslim countries.
Another argument is that the general treatment of immigrants in the United States must be blamed.
One person claimed that Harvey was due to the recent incident in Charlottsville, Virginia-the scene of a white nationalist rally in August.
Back in 2006, Pastor John Hagi said Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed the city of New Orleans a year ago, was \"a judgment of God \".
Hagee said: \"The degree of sin in New Orleans offended God because\" there will be gay parades there on that Monday of Hurricane Katrina.
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