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Hunt for Winning Stocks: Cramer\'s \'Mad Money\' Recap (Monday 1/7/19)

by:QY Precision      2019-09-22
When you\'re looking for a winning stock, you should look for a word that Jim Kramer told his crazy money audience on Monday on a special episode in San Francisco.
Innovation is the word.
There is no more obvious investment innovation than the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
Many investors equate technology with innovation, but in the past few years,
Changes in technological innovation are rare.
In the pharmaceutical industry, however, there are a lot of things that are happening because many companies have stopped producing boring products designed just to expand patent protection, but are defending them with revolutionary, necessary thingsThere is treatment.
Case: 66% moves in Loxo Oncology today (LOXO), (
A company that you may have never heard of but are developing innovative cancer therapies)
Which gift (LLY -Get Report)
Feel the need to acquire.
And Novartis (NVS -Get Report)
The company is stripping off its consumer goods and focusing only on 26 sales channels for new drugs that could generate billions of annual revenues.
Even Glaxo (GSK -Get Report)--
Used to be a sleepy income stock. -
Now is the source of innovation.
That\'s why Cramer attended the annual meeting of JPMorgan Chase. JPM -Get Report)
This week\'s health care conference listens, learns and finds out where the best innovations work.
In terms of real money, Cramer focuses on pharmaceutical deals that change the rules of the game.
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Cramer worked with Dr in his first \"executive decision\" section.
Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis, is one of the leading companies in innovation.
Narasimhan said Novartis\'s ongoing investment in R & D every year is evident among the 26 drugs the company is currently developing.
Innovation requires long term
He added that long-term bets on brand new types of treatments, which is why you see Novartis entering areas such as gene therapy that can provide treatment to patients rather than long-term treatment.
This is why Novartis divested the eye care business Alcon in order to focus on the drug pipeline.
Narasimhan is bullish on many of their upcoming treatments, including those for migraine.
He said their partnership with AmgenAMGN -Get Report)
New treatments for patients around the world.
Novartis has good prospects for treating arthritis and even heart failure.
Novartis is also developing targeted treatments for cancer.
Ensure the latest delivery technology for drugs to reach their intended destination.
Cramer told viewers that after weeks of seemingly endless declines, some industries rebounded successfully on Monday.
It includes retail, oil and, of course, health care, but also semiconductor stocks.
This is because of Micron Technology (MU -Get Report)
Analysts escalated, suggesting the group could end up being too cheap to own.
Boom in semiconductor history-and-
So, after going through the decline since October, it is not surprising that someone finally thinks that the price of Micron is 4 times that of Micron.
In the ruins of the semiconductor industry, Cramer said he liked Intel (INTC -Get Report)
The most, followed by Broadcom (AVGO -Get Report)
Advanced Micro equipment (AMD -Get Report)
Texas Instruments (TXN -Get Report)
Sports 3 now. 3% yield.
As for Micron, Cramer said he expects another bad quarter for the company before we see the turnaround, but it may be too late for investors by then.
The Cramer and AAP teams are adjusting their position at Raytheon (RTN -Get Report)and Kohl\'s (KSS -Get Report).
Learn what they tell their investment club members and subscribe to Action Alert PLUS for free to participate in the conversation.
In his second \"executive decision\" section, Cramer also sat down with action reminder Bob Bradway, Chairman and CEO of Amgen, a holding company.
Bradway began to talk about Aimovig, Amgen\'s approach to treating migraine.
He said the drug was the first one specifically for patients with chronic migraine, 85% of whom were working and children womenbearing age.
The drug already has more than 150,000 patients and is seeing incredible results.
Amgen also announced today that it is lowering the price of the new cholesterol Repatha
Reduce treatment by 60%.
Budweiser says drugs are a game.
But they realized that it was difficult for some patients to pay for it.
This price adjustment will make it affordable for a wider audience.
Speaking about Amgen\'s business side, Bradway said they continued to forecast growth in revenue and earnings per share, thanks in part to their exciting innovations.
They also continue to work on the return of capital to shareholders through dividend and share repurchase schemes.
In his final \"executive decision\" section, Cramer also sat down with Joe Papa, Chairman and CEO of Bausch Health (BHC -Get Report)
It used to be Valeant.
Bausch has increased R & D spending and again focused on innovation and organic growth, Papa explained.
Not only did they change the lives of patients, they also saved money on the health care system by improving the results.
Bausch announced last month that they will buy Synergy Pharma for $0. 2 billion, another step in that direction.
When asked about the leverage of the company, dad admitted they were still over-doing --
Seven times leveraged, but they have a plan to get out of debt by increasing their income, which they are implementing every quarter.
In the end, dad talked about Lumify, the latest product for them to ease the redness of their eyes.
Lumify launched in May, he said, and because of its full market share, Lumify already has a 25% market share in the category
A better new solution than the old one.
In the Lightning Wheel, Kramer is optimistic about Medtronic (MDT -Get Report)and Centene (CNC -Get Report).
Kramer is pessimistic about stamps. com (STMP -Get Report), Kraft Heinz (KHC -Get Report)
And HMS Holdings (HMSY -Get Report).
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