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how useful is revit mep for fabrication detailing

by:QY Precision      2019-09-14
In the pre-
During the construction phase of the project, MEP coordination requires close attention from all members of the MEP design team to ensure that the architectural design and architectural structure frames do not interfere with the MEP (
Mechanical, electrical and plumbing or fire fighting)system.
MEP coordination process includes review of design drawings, creation of 3D models, conflict detection and resolution, creation of coordination drawings and sections, creation of detailed service drawings, manufacturing drawings, line axes and hangar drawings create and for-Installation drawings.
Read in detail the typical stages involved in MEP coordination.
In the MEP coordination process, manufacturers must increasingly address the challenges of a stricter schedule and longer material lead time.
Therefore, MEP manufacturing modeling and detailed design process must be optimized to ensure that the design solution is accurate, conflicting-
Free, space coordination and ready to install.
In this article, we will focus on MEP manufacturing and how useful Revit MEP 2018 is for its details.
MEP manufacturing modeling is a prefabrication of components that are mainly used for Pipe Engineering, pipe engineering, and installation of suspension or modules.
Optimize the layout of prefabricated modules using data from the design and create detailed module drawings to ensure design resolution conflicts
Freedom and space coordination.
The Module diagram includes details such as size data and equipment schedule, and the manufacturer and manufacturer use the detailed dimensions in the line axis diagram.
The benefits of construction drawings in MEP Fab include: easy installation on site-
With the use of construction drawings, the installation of pipe works, pipe works and hangar becomes easier.
Since the prefabricated components are modeled and manufactured outside the site, the specifications of dimensions, materials and quantities are mentioned in the construction drawing, and the site installation becomes no longer troublesome.
Easy to manufacture-
The construction drawing accurately provides the exact size, quantity and material used for manufacturing.
The manufacturer or manufacturer has all the information required for the prefabricated components that can be manufactured according to the precise drawing standards.
Promote direct processing interface (DMI)-
When making parts using CNC machines, the drawings of the parts are convenient for direct machining interface (DMI)
So automate the process and make it efficient and accurate.
Minimum rework required
By using a common database, the difference between the original estimate and the actual output is small, so minimal rework is required during manufacturing and installation.
Create a clear set of instructions on site
The construction drawing provides a clear plan of how and where parts are installed, enabling the contractor to develop a clear set of instructions for effective installation.
Construction drawings or manufacturing drawings help to provide quantity
Therefore, in the early stages of design and implementation, avoid expensive redesign work later in the design process.
They also provide accurate estimates of the number of pipe works, insulation and other components required to install building services.
In the MEP industry, there are currently two major MEP manufacturing software programs for developing models, creating evaluation and driving MEP Fab processes, \"revit me\" and \"autodesk manufacturing\" products with manufacturing capabilities, it includes the manufacture of CADmep, the manufacture of ESTmep and the manufacture of CAMduct.
Manufacturing details in Revit 2018, while Autodesk manufacturing products clearly include a complete pre-modeling package
Prefabricated components, manufacturing functions in Revit MEP are widely used by MEP contractors and consultants due to simplicity and high cost.
Based on the features and improvements of Revit MEP 2018, here are some reasons that make it an easier choice for manufacturing details:point routing -
When using accessories and group settings, you can use multiplepoint routing.
The operation of the connected MEP Fab parts can be automatically built using multiple components
Similar to the point wiring of Revit design detail elements.
When wiring elements, you can change the dimension elevation, shape, and accessory type (such as from the Mitter elbow type to the radius elbow ).
This tool also allows elements to be captured remotely when a connection is made.
Important functions required for manufacturing, such as group and fit priority settings, connection rules and conditions, are all multiple
Point wiring tool.
• Allow modeling of inclined pipe elements-
For elements that have been modeled, the tool allows partial modeling of inclined pipe elements.
The slope can be applied to branch elements, and a predefined slope of all elements can be set without interference with other elements.
Ability to calculate flow and pressure drop-
Before physical connections are made in a pipe network, the tool helps to calculate the flow and pressure drop of the loop closed loop pipe network, thus improving performance.
An analytical connection can be added between the pipe and the mechanical equipment components.
Provide detailed mep lod 400 elements
New features in Revit MEP 2018 provide the level of detail needed to accurately estimate, manufacture, and install.
Support BIM and manufacturing solution links
To fully and accurately detail, estimate, manufacture and install building services, the tool supports BIM and helps create accurate models that reflect the expected output of the installation.
In a Revit environment, mep lod 400 elements can also be coordinated and modeled.
Improve the suspension capacity-
To ensure the constructability at design-to-manufacture, the tool improves capabilities when modeling hangar units and detailing support plans.
It simplifies and improves coordination by automatically adjusting the hanger to the hosting element and automatically connecting to the structural part.
The improved features in Revit 2018 provide greater support to MEP manufacturers, MEP installers, and MEP contractors and MEP consultants support multi-disciplinary design, compared to earlier versions, this also extends to manufacturing details, evaluation, installation and construction.
The new version and functions of MEP manufacturing software products make workflow automation
Simplify step flow, install-
Model prefabricated components, improve cabling capabilities, and support the BIM environment. A multi-
Subject of BIM-
Design tools based on Revit 2018 and others help to improve the level of detail, the higher accuracy of the manufacturing model provides a seamless manufacturing process for MEP contractors, and provides an effective solution for the MEP Engineering design team.
At xs cad, as part of the MEP modeling service, we produce construction drawings, installation drawings, and MEP (M&E)pre-
Use AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP to make models and drawings for MEP contractors and consultants.
Learn more about our dedicated 3D MEP (M&E)
Contact us for modeling support services.
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