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how to use kanban to scale your content marketing (infographic)

by:QY Precision      2019-08-24
As marketers, we all know that various forms of web content are one of the most valuable conversion tools we have.
The problem is that it takes a long time and a lot of effort to create content. -
Especially when you\'re trying to manage all the moving parts of the content --creation team.
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Kanban, the word \"signboard\" in Japanese, is a method originally developed by an industrial engineer at Toyota in the 1950 s.
In short, it\'s a visual technology.
Project Management.
So far, Kanban has been widely used in industries such as software development and manufacturing, but it has also started to cause a stir in other industries.
A recent article in Harvard Business Review uses an example of corkboard with movable tags to discuss the usefulness of visual content management.
This special board belongs to a company in San Francisco specializing in software and medical patents.
The color box depicts different components of the management system.
Each label in the yellow box belongs to one of the company\'s six lawyers.
These staff members act as the title of the \"swim lane\" in other parts of the board.
On these labels are blue boxes containing labels for the most urgent tasks.
The red box contains tags that represent the work of a client for a given two lawyers-week period.
For further decomposition, the orange circle on each label records the estimated time frame for each task.
Finally, the task that the green box contains needs to be in the current two-The time frame of the week.
As the deadline approaches, the labels will be moved to the red box.
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Once you understand how Kanban works, you will understand how easy it is to apply Kanban to the content marketing industry.
Introducing Kanban into the digital world will further simplify the visual management process, which allows content engineers to expand their marketing services regardless of the size or location of team members.
While a simple calendar or spreadsheet is a reasonable start, it is not particularly scalable and does not go beyond the most basic collaboration features.
If you manage a large team or a lot of projects, tasks and information on the calendar will be overloaded quickly, which is almost impossible.
On the other hand, Kanban features flexibility and ease of operationto-
Make the information flow faster according to the layout.
Entering information into the kanban system prevents tasks from falling into the bottom of the inbox, eliminating the risk of tasks being forgotten.
By creating a visualization of the workflow process, you will also find it easier to evaluate the problem area.
There are three obvious advantages to using Kanban in project management: it prevents everyone from overworking due to work, thus reducing stress and increasing productivity.
It provides a clear deadline layout.
It shows everyone\'s ability to handle the workload, which helps the HR department keep a close eye on outstanding and backward employees.
I use kanban to manage content creation assigned by customers over 150 months.
Here is a sample that I use the digital Kanban software Kanbanize to lay out the project: the above is just an example of the channel and lane type we created to get content from topic discovery to promotion.
Although this example is formatted for the organization, in-
House content creation.
Let\'s break it down into a step. by-
Step process: a good Kanban system will also make the mapping process simple, eliminating any unnecessary steps or interactions.
For example, if a post does not require a copy approval, the manager can delete this part of the process.
Anyway, every member gets an email when it\'s their turn to take over the project.
After the project is completed--
All comments included-
Will be archived to make room on Kanban for the next task.
When implementing a Kanban system, make sure everyone knows how the project process works.
It can help to link to the documentation of the detailed instructions face stepsby-
Step process for your reference.
If they have never used such a system before, it may take some time for your employees to adapt.
It can help start with content management systems that are not too standardized and work step by step in a specific environment where necessary.
Kanbanize also provides a useful template system for creating cards quickly.
By pulling up the template, you can quickly enter all the necessary information to jump-
Start the homework and finish it.
The lanes can be organized according to categories such as account manager, customer or content type.
If your company has created videos, infographics, and copies of sales, you can use these criteria to set up titles and lanes.
On the other hand, if your content company needs to distinguish between customers and internal customers
House content, this is another way to set up the system.
In the screenshot above, I organize the card according to the client.
The best thing about using Kanban in content marketing is that it is a highly customizable system.
The more you try, the better you can understand the best way to simplify the content creation process.
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