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how to travel by train in tokyo, japan

by:QY Precision      2019-08-25
Due to the complex and expansive railway system, traveling by train in Japan is one of the most convenient ways to get from one point to another.
Commuters and leisure travelers can quickly and easily reach almost anywhere using Tokyo\'s central hub.
Even if you don\'t speak Japanese, Tokyo railway station has a lot of signs and maps in English to help you get to your destination.
Plan your trip in advance and determine the best route and train type for you on the Tokyo Metro or rail system.
With the Tokyo Metro, a metro network running through the Kanto area, access to the city\'s main commercial, university and entertainment districts.
There is an English subway map on the Tokyo subway website, detailing the line station and station number.
English consultation-
JR\'s shopge online map (Japan Rail)
East, running most trains in the Tokyo area, especially the JR Yamanote Line, it runs a circle inside the metropolis and around the main stations. The Keihin-
Northeast line of Donghai Road Shinkansen (bullet train)
The saiirc/Rinkan line runs parallel to the mountain hand ring, while the local and fast Chuo Line trains cross the circle horizontally.
Some trains are allowed to transfer by Tokyo subway station.
Buy subway tickets at vending machines at Tokyo subway station;
There are English instructions on the screen.
The station also offers reusable \"Pasmo\" cards that allow you to transfer between subway lines and even to JR East train through Tokyo Metro station.
Discounts for weekend or day off tripspeak times.
Buy tickets for railway trains running through Tokyo.
You can visit the JR ticket office, also known as \"midori no madoguchi\", which is available at each station, indicated with a white and green sign recline by one person.
Or buy it at the tourist service center (also known as the viewing plaza) located at some of the larger stations or at the ticket vending machine located near the train station.
Vending machines only assign local tickets and you can trade with English instructions on the screen.
Insert your ticket into the automatic ticket gate, or hand over your ticket to someone if they pick it up.
If you have purchased the Pasmo card, save it on the Pasmo Reader (
Identification with blue light and IC)
Until you hear the beep
After crossing the gate, stand behind the line that indicates the door to reach its position.
When the door is opened, passengers waiting to leave before boarding.
Take the Japanese passengers on the train as an example.
Even in crowded cabins, the Japanese usually do not speak, or they speak in a low tone so that they do not disturb others.
Set the phone to \"etiquette mode\" or mute, do not answer or make a call.
Avoid eating things that are noisy or tasty.
On the Tokyo Metro and JR train, get off at your station and be interrupted by a recorded sound announcing the station in Japanese and English.
Any unexpected delay or stop can only be announced by the Japanese in person.
Shinkansen and more modern trains also often show the next stop in English on electronic signs.
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