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how to track your customer journeys in real-time to empower your sales team

by:QY Precision      2019-10-27
Jonathan Luo, NCino\'s chief marketing officer, said the four pillars of measuring the return on marketing investment are key to improving sales.
\"It\'s really about understanding the specific cost of the activities you\'re doing in marketing, connecting those activities to your sales opportunities, and then measuring the results.
Getting sales prospect data and providing it to sales people can drive results, Rowe said: \"When you integrate all your data into a real data --
You can then start authorizing sales people to use data.
You can track your customer\'s itinerary in real timetime.
\"Jonathan Rowe, chief marketing officer, NCino) in an interview with sweet fish Media founder James cambari on the B2B growth podcast, we discussed how to use data to track and improve your cost, and we used four variables to measure the return on investment, these four variables are very successful for us.
Start with your cost.
Whether it\'s the cost of the number of people you invest in, or the cost of investing in PR, whether you\'re doing a webinar or a podcast, whether you\'re advertising, etc.
, It really makes sure you have a good idea of where and the amount I actually spend money on.
So start with your cost.
Make sure the marketing campaign starts here and the next step is all the different campaigns we spend money on.
It\'s advertising, attending meetings, or doing podcasts.
The activities are as follows.
You have your expenses and you have your activities.
Connecting activities with sales opportunities, then the next important step is to connect these activities with actual sales opportunities.
As a B2B marketing organization for nCino, we are selling and marketing to banks.
Whenever we start a conversation with a financial institution, we usually need 9-
From the initial interaction to the 12 months that hopefully will be a nCino customer.
During these 12 months, it is hoped that there will be many different marketing activities, and different individuals from banks and banks will interact with nCino.
We hope to capture this information.
So we take the activities that we are doing and we actually connect them to specific sales opportunities for financial institutions and individuals in financial institutions.
ROI: The fourth pillar of measuring results is results, and we actually translate this prospect into nCino customers.
So we can say that marketing is the role.
At the end of the day, we do more than just marketing.
We have sales team and other related personnel.
When we sign up for a financial institution to become an nCino client, I am always proud to say that there are various marketing activities here (
Led to sales).
Whether it\'s a white paper, a thought leader, a press release, or a meeting at the booth, all of these events play an important role.
It really understands the specific cost of the activities you are doing in marketing, connects those activities to your sales opportunities, and then measures the results.
First, you have to really work on data analytics.
You want marketing-driven organizations to know that it takes time and cost to get there.
Secondly, you want to make informed decisions around the technology you use, because connecting all the points around the data is probably the most important.
I would like to be able to get into two or three systems that we have in nCino and be able to view all the data together.
For example, I can see that Mary, who works at a financial institution we are talking to, was on our website yesterday and she looked at all these different pages, she spent seven or eight minutes on each page and actually she downloaded one of our white papers.
Then I found out that we will see Mary at the bank meeting in a few weeks.
With all this automation, I know that the sales staff will log in and view all the information about the financial institutions and Mary.
The sales rep will see all of Mary\'s interactions on their phone before talking face to face at the meeting.
There are some things you may not want to tell Mary, and by the way, we have been following all your website activities on the nCino website.
But you can have a conversation around the fact that she downloaded our AI white paper about banks, and you can talk about that.
When your system is less, and you have made a commitment, and you have reached the point where all the data is integrated into a real system --
So you can start authorizing people to use the data.
You can track your customer\'s itinerary in real timetime.
> Listen to the full B2B growth podcast interview.
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