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How to solve the problem of production efficiency in hardware processing plants?

by:QY Precision      2020-03-11
There are many hardware processing enterprises, including large enterprises and small enterprises. Of course, they all have the same rhythm that is to pay attention to production efficiency. However, the most inefficient hardware processing is still a small hardware processing enterprise. Today we will explain why. In view of the low efficiency of hardware processing and production, we should analyze the characteristics of hardware processing plants themselves, then study the causes of low efficiency and propose solutions. First of all, let's take a look at the characteristics of hardware processing plants. 1. There are many kinds of stamping products. There are generally many kinds of stamping products. One punching machine often processes more than one product, and it is necessary to constantly replace the molds to process various stamping parts; 2. The production plan should be formulated according to the processing cost of the product, the transfer of each process, and the mold change time. A reasonable production plan greatly affects the efficiency of production; 3. Complexity of the production process due to the need to replace molds and produce different products in production, all requirements for workers are relatively high, stamping workers should be able to adapt to different processing speeds and manufacturability of different products. Then let's take a look at the reasons for the inefficiency of hardware processing plants. 1. Unreasonable production scheduling has a great impact on hardware processing plants. Reasonable arrangement of production plans plays a very important role in improving the efficiency of mold factories. There are many stamping production tasks, and there are great differences between different tasks. How to arrange production plans reasonably, the equipment vacancy rate in the workshop is the lowest, the product switching time is the shortest, the employees are most familiar with the products, and the frequent entry and exit of semi-finished products and waste products is reduced; 2. The structure of punching products with unstable state of punching machines and stamping dies is complex, and the complexity of punching machines and dies is also relatively high. It requires the stamping worker to have a certain understanding of the product complexity, to do a good job in the quality control of the production process, and also to have a considerable familiarity with the use and maintenance status of the punching machine and the mold, in order to avoid minimizing the failure time when problems arise. Reduce the slow production and affect the construction period caused by the poor state of the punching machine and the mold; 3. Management confusion in the production process of hardware processing plants, the amount of products is large, there are many varieties of production, and there are few means to automatically collect and record, so the statistics and collection of data are more difficult in the whole process; In addition to the mixed line production, the different standards of different stamping parts are different, resulting in different requirements for different types of production, so the management of employees is also more difficult; Hardware processing enterprises also often rely on experience, and management is gradually accumulating experience and turning experience into standards that can be promoted. Finally, we will give you a general idea of how to improve the efficiency of hardware processing. 1. The stamping parts production plan of the hardware processing plant is planned according to the company's production and operation plan, mainly to meet the annual customer needs. In addition, according to the characteristics of stamping parts that can be stored, the minimum inventory planning of the workshop itself can be carried out to balance the storage cost while not only meeting customer needs and minimizing inventory, but also through limited inventory, reduce the risk of inventory alarm and provide time for mold factory production equipment and mold maintenance. 2. The quality of raw materials must pass. The mechanical properties of steel directly affect whether qualified stamping products can be obtained. The stamping enterprise obtains the steel performance parameter interval that can produce qualified parts by comparing the detection data of the steel plate with the corresponding state of the production parts, and expands the steel performance interval by continuously optimizing the stamping die, to achieve the purpose of saving costs. In addition, the thickness and viscosity of the oil film on the surface of the steel also largely determine the molding performance of the steel, and even cannot be produced under the condition of abnormal oil film. 3. Daily maintenance of punching machines. Hardware processing plants should focus on improving the skills of maintenance workers, carry out diversified maintenance skills training and skills competitions, train maintenance workers to correctly solve problems and methods, and accumulate through a large number of fault cases, created a punching machine maintenance manual for the maintenance worker. 4. Maintenance of stamping die. For the maintenance of stamping dies, the focus is also on the improvement of personnel skills. Since the employees in the stamping workshop are generally young and the average age is around 25 years old, the improvement of employees' skills is particularly important. Warm Tip: No matter what the reason is to find out the inefficiency of the hardware processing factory, it must be analyzed according to the characteristics of the hardware processing factory itself, and the regulations of other manufacturers cannot be copied. As long as it suits the rules of its own factory, it can maximize the efficiency of the hardware processing factory.
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